Hi, I’m Natasha

I’m a touch teacher, biz healer, author & host of the dissected woman podcast

I am the founder of London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage and the Sacred Health method.

I support you to have a long and pain free career with revolutionary bodywork tools and freedom in your business.

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The Dissected Woman Podcast

This is a podcast for those of you that are fascinated by people. I am going to be exploring all walks of life, whether that’s death, birth, sex, kink, our bodies, our bodies in movement, what’s beneath the skin of our bodies?  

And what are the questions that we can ask that get us to see new perspectives, so that we can learn and grow and become more of who we truly are?

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

So when we start asking questions, when we get curious about ourselves, and when we hear from other people who are also sharing their wisdom, and asking questions and doing things differently, we get a chance to really be inspired. And we get a chance to become more of who we are and move into that place where we find that feeling of peace and fulfilment, because we are really  becoming all that we can be.