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Natasha de Grunwald is a published author, international Breathwork, Trauma and Somatic expert. She is the founder of the Trauma Release Method and Seismic Orgasmic Breath experience.

Based in London and Brighton she travels internationally to facilitate Breathwork events and to teach healing methods for mind, body and soul.  As a powerful speaker and advocate for trauma and Somatic healing she runs events, workshops and retreats along with 1:1 client work. 

With 4 decades of experience as a leader practising and teaching holistic and complimentary therapies her passion and expertise centres around Breathwork, nervous system regulation, trauma healing, Somatic modalities, inner child and shadow work, myofascial touch, ancient healing practices, nutrition and powerful coaching. 

Natasha believes the Breath is one of the most empowering, simple and natural tools for health, vitality, joy and self-actualisation. She is on a mission to empowering people around the world to lead joyful lives with improved mental, physical and spiritual health.

Natasha has dedicated her life to researching and studying the body-mind connection which has led her into human dissection labs to explore anatomy from the inside and with Shamans and midwives in Thailand. She has been taught by teachers from Serbia to New York, New Zealand to Burma in her quest to bring the most powerful healing modalities to her work and teachings.

She has taught and mentored for Alchemy of Breath and Seven Directions Breathwork Schools, has been a returning teacher at the UK’s only Breathwork festival (breath of life) for the past 3 years where she shares the power of touch and Seismic Orgasmic Breath. 

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I’ve been in a few containers and got so much from each – yours has felt the most fun, interactive, joyful, intense and supportive – literally has changed my life in every possible way”

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