The dissected woman podcast disappeared and now we are back!!

We are back with a brand new podcast – THE ART OF ALCHEMY.

And I am beyond excited about it.

Have you started feeling there is no joy in life, or life just got too heavy and overwhelming?

How often do you feel you’re not in alignment and you are heavy with that feeling of being stuck and not knowing how to shift out of the funk.

This weeks episode is about how you can shift your mindset to ensure you do have more joy and magic.

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IN this episode I share a personal story about my business, my downward spiral and how crystals (YEP CRYSTALS) were pivotal and highly symbolic in turning things around.

I share 3 incredible tips and questions for you to bring alchemy into your life – so you can find fulfilment and satisfaction again.

Come and join me over on Instagram @natasha.degrunwald to share what you thought about today’s episode.