The 300 Hour Specialist Bodywork Training is open to anyone ready for an exciting and fulfilling career as a Thai yoga massage therapist. It includes our Foundations Diploma, Advanced Diploma, 1:1 coaching support and much more to teach you everything you need to practise at the highest level and gain a professional, certified qualification recognised by FHT and other bodies.

Delivered in a combination of online and in-person training (Venue: Richmond and Brighton, UK)

We begin with the Herbal Compress Introduction Workshop or Thai Massage Foundations Module 1.

The dates of the next Thai Massage Foundations Module 1 course are:

Online training via Zoom – 7/8/9/10 October 2021 10am – 1pm
In-person training – 23/24 October 2021 10am – 5pm

The dates of the next Herbal Compress Introduction Workshop are:

In-person training – 21st November 2021

Thai yoga massage

So, Let’s Go Deeper…

Deeper with the therapeutic treatments you offer your clients.
Deeper with your knowledge and understanding of every layer of the human body.

Deeper with the way you use your own body – so you can deliver incredible results while protecting yourself from burnout.

Because, here’s what I’d love you to understand…


“Go as hard as you want.”

When you hear those dreaded words, you KNOW you’re in for a long, uncomfortable session.

You KNOW pressing harder and harder is going to take its toll on your body.

And you KNOW your client probably isn’t going to get the deep release they are looking for anyway.

Thai bodywork delivers next-level healing without the burnout


I am a practitioner and trailblazing teacher of therapeutic Thai bodywork and I’ve been studying and practising Thai yoga massage for 30 years.

Anatomy is my bag. I’m a self-confessed Somanaut – regularly stepping into the cadaver lab to explore the wonders of the human body.

I LOVE teaching curious, ambitious and dedicated practitioners (like you) who want to be at the leading edge of everything they do.


My 300-hour specialised bodywork training is a professional course you won’t find anywhere else in the UK.

And here’s why:

Deeper Treatment

You’ll learn how to cleverly use your feet, elbows, shins, toes, knuckles, forearms and body weight – as well as your hands – to deliver deep treatments without the hard work.

Deeper Respect

With Thai bodywork, we meet our clients where they are at. You will learn how to respectfully deepen into each layer of the body. Slowly and carefully sinking down as and when your clients are ready.

Deeper Connection

You’ll love seeing the look of childlike wonder on your clients’ faces as you expertly move, position, stretch, and touch their bodies in this deeply healing practice.

Deeper Practice

Unlike other Western schools, I teach the purest form of Thai bodywork, grounded in ancient Thai medicine. This IS NOT ‘lazy person’s yoga’. And this IS NOT a ‘sacred dance’. The true Therapeutic Thai bodywork I teach is a deeper, much more physical practice.

Deeper Understanding

My dissection knowledge will help you KNOW what is going on inside the body and how each layer works. You won’t just focus on muscles, but also on the physical layers and pathways of movement, as well as optimal biomechanics and Thai element theory.

Deeper Learning

This is the ONLY school in the UK offering a 300-hour certification. If you’re the kind of person who always strives to be the best (and isn’t that why you’re here?), then this course will give you the deepest learning experience you can get.

Deeper Experience

You will also have the priceless opportunity to join our intern programme, repeating foundation 1 or 2 again for free to really embed your learning. As an intern, you’ll also be the person I demonstrate the techniques on, so you’ll get to FEEL the techniques you’re learning in your own body. Powerful.

Thai yoga massage training

What’s included?

Delivered in a combination of online and in-person training (Venue: Richmond and Brighton, UK)


Learn simple and effective massage techniques for a 2.5 hour treatment & begin your Thai anatomy journey in this foundational module.


Take your knowledge deeper, learning a vast new range of new techniques, positions, compressions and stretches.


Learn traditional abdominal massage and ancient Lanna practices, using scarves and scraping tools for deep bodywork release.


Work the spine and cardiovascular and nervous systems with targeted therapeutic stretches and ancient healing-arts techniques.


This is your opportunity to extend your knowledge with a specialism of your choice.


Explore the therapeutic properties of herbs and roots and learn how to make and use nurturing herbal compresses for massage.


A professional, certified qualification recognised by FHT and other bodies, including THAI (international).


Also included…

All your course materials.

3 days of exhibition experience with Natasha at the OM Yoga Show, London 2021.

Online business training – helping you get clear on your business strategy, messaging, marketing, mindset and ethics.

1:1 mentoring sessions with Natasha.

Exclusive membership to an online community of supportive peers.

Natasha is an inspiring and highly skilled and seasoned teacher and practitioner. I am very impressed with the quality of instruction and curriculum. This institution provides everything to be successful and build not only a career but a community. If you’re looking to invest in a Thai massage training look no further!

Rachel Skinner

300 hour specialised bodywork training

What you receive


12-18 months in-person and online training

300-hour Thai bodywork certification

4 x quarterly 1:1 mentoring sessions with Natasha (on Zoom)

Dedicated private Facebook group where you can ask Natasha questions and access further learning

Supportive community of like-minded peers who are sharing your journey

Regular accountability check ins and support from Natasha

Priority early booking for the Thailand trip

Priority place on the internship programme


Everything in Gold plus…

12 x monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions (instead of quarterly) with Natasha on Zoom

(where we go deep on mindset, strategy, goals, treatment plans and anything else you need for your expansion – personal and professional)

Bespoke extension tasks from Natasha, tailored to your needs & interests

Focused business support

Priority teacher training starting November 2021

Priority booking for 24-hour retreat

Priority booking for dissection

1:1 massage practice with feedback (Brighton – date to be decided)

Attendance on two day workshop (injury care)

Natasha has managed to change my entire outlook toward treating people with manual therapy. The courses go far beyond learning new skills, you can also expect hard learned tips on practice development and mindset management.

I am about two thirds through the 300hr diploma course, already qualified and competent to practice which has added a new dimension to my practice. This work is powerful, deep and effective, my clients love it!

John Winnett

You have questions?

I have answers

When do we start?

You can start your training at several entry points during the year. You’ll need to begin with Thai Massage Foundations or Herbal Compress.

The dates of the next Thai Massage Foundations Module 1 course are:

Online training via Zoom – 7/8/9/10 October 2021 10am – 1pm
In-person training – 23/24 October 2021 10am – 5pm

The dates of the next Herbal Compress Introduction Workshop are:

In-person training – 21st November 2021

How long will it take me to complete the training?

It will take you 12-18 months to get your qualification, depending on when you start your training. The modules are held at different times of the year and you will need to start with Thai Massage Foundations, or Herbal Compress. You will receive your certification once you have completed all the modules and your 300 hours of training.

Where does training take place?

The training is a combination of in-person and online. The in-person training takes place at our centres in Brighton and London. You will need to attend all of the in-person and online training to complete the diploma. While we are a UK-based training school, we regularly welcome students from overseas.

What are the entry requirements?

No previous bodywork training is required to take this course. But you do need to demonstrate a commitment to and passion for practising remedial therapeutic work. The majority of our trainees come from a yoga or a massage/bodywork background.

What is the time commitment?

Training is a mixture of in-person and online training:

  • Thai Massage Foundations 1 & 2, Advanced Thai Bodywork 1 & 2 – 2 days in-person and 2 days online training for each module.
  • Herbal Compress – 1 day in person.
What's the difference between doing the 300-h diploma and doing the modules one by one?

You will save a considerable amount of money by taking the 300-hour programme rather than doing each module one by one. You’ll also get a lot more support between modules from Natasha and from the 300-hour community. We have a dedicated Facebook group where you can come and ask questions and get moral support from your peers. And there’s extra accountability that you don’t get taking each module in isolation. Also, 300-hour students get priority early booking on the Thailand trip and priority on our amazing internship programme. If you’re committed to this journey, the diploma is by far your best route there.

I have another question!

No problem. Drop me a line here and I’ll be happy to answer it.

Let’s Do This

Are you ready for Thai Bodywork to transform your life?