The idea of setting goals is not new and if you are wanting to grow and expand your business it is an integral part of your success.

However, the experience of many entrepreneurs, therapists and wellness professionals is they are either not setting goals, or if they are they are not reaching them and this leads to feeling stuck or overwhelmed or just downright fed up

So the question is – what can you do differently to make sure you set yourself up for success?

You will find the answer inside this weeks episode where I share with you some unique ways of looking at this that WILL give you actionable tools – I have a few spins on this you will not have heard before.

You’ll be able to implement the tangible strategies I give you straight away.

In this weeks episode I teach you about:

  • The importance and health of having multiple goals
  • How to move the dial furthest and fast
  • The cycles in your business and how to embrace, integrate and appreciate them
  • What a stretchy goal will do for you in comparison with an unrealistic goal or easy goal
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • How to create achievable steps and have a master plan to follow
  • Failure as healthy motivation
  • What is happening when multi-tasking and preparing for action
  • How and why to activate the autonomic nervous system to get laser focussed