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I’m a practitioner, author and trailblazing teacher of therapeutic Thai bodywork & the Sacred Health Method.

I’m also a personal development facilitator, empowering hard-working therapists to step away from struggle and strife, and into freedom and fulfillment.

Running your own practice is one of the BIGGEST personal growth experiences you’ll ever have. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s my mission to help incredible practitioners create a more abundant, easeful and exciting way of working and living.

I’m here to help you:

Take your hands-on practice to the next level with incredible techniques from all over the world.
Use groundbreaking science and ancient wisdom to bring profound healing to your clients.

Transform the way you practise – helping you escape from the time-for-money trap.

Learn deep techniques that don’t hurt your body, protecting you from burnout.

Dramatically expand both your income and the impact you have in the world by elevating your mindset and your strategy.

Let’s shake things up

I’m known as the ‘bad girl of bodywork’ and I have to say, I LOVE that title because I know it comes from choosing to do things very differently.

I started my learning journey 30 years ago, crossing continents in search of the most powerful healing tools on our planet – way before the wellness industry was even a thing. I have travelled from New Zealand to New York, from Thailand to Serbia – learning from shamans, healers and anatomists along the way.

My mission is to create mind-blowing programmes and experiences for maverick practitioners, like you, who want to be at the leading edge of bodywork and healing.

Let’s Go Deeper

I’m a dedicated Somanaut and anatomy geek. I understand how the human body works on the deepest level because I have SEEN it with my own eyes.

My dissection knowledge takes my teaching to a deeper level – helping you visualise what you are touching beneath the layers of the skin for a tangible connection with your own clients’ bodies.

And talking of dissection, I’m really proud to announce that my book: Thai Massage Dissected will be coming out in March 2021.

Let’s be the best

I am committed to being the best I can be and giving the best training to my awesome students.

I’ve been running my own thriving practice for almost 30 years. I trained in therapeutic Thai massage in Thailand in 1990, and I return regularly (16 times so far – and counting) to continuously deepen my knowledge of this ancient practice.

What I teach IS NOT ‘lazy person’s yoga’ or ‘the sacred dance’. (Yuck!) I teach true Thai yoga massage. The real deal.

I started the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage in 2005 and have been training incredible, committed therapists ever since.

I also teach my own Sacred Health Advanced Practitioner Certification – a very special combination of energy recalibration, connectivity theory, light touch activation (LTA), spirit medicine, vibration healing and neural medicine that can be practised in person and online.

I absolutely love training with Natasha. As a resource for either learning the fundamentals of Thai Bodywork or expanding your knowledge base, the courses on offer are second to none. If you are looking for a teacher in true traditional Thai medicine with over 30 years of experience and a published author on the subject, I think you would be hard pressed to find an equivalent particularly in the UK.

John Winnett

Let’s Do This

If you’re an ambitious, conscious and dedicated practitioner who wants to be at the leading edge of your profession, then I’d love you to join my awesome community.

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