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I’m Natasha, a dedicated and powerful Teacher, Published Author and Wellness Luminary with over four decades of unwavering commitment to wellbeing. I have taught thousands of people how to BE in and connect to the innate wisdom of the body.

My journey from a timid child to a bold visionary has been marked by a passionate quest for self-discovery and healing.

As a teenager, I faced unimaginable challenges, experiencing abuse that left me broken. Yet, I embarked on an incredible odyssey to heal, learning from healers, shamans, therapists, and coaches worldwide. My innate sensitivity, born from my own painful history, became a guiding light, propelling me into a realm of compassion, strength, and profound healing. Today, I’m here as your guide on a path to empowerment and self-love, passionately dedicated to helping you reconnect with your body and pleasures, and to rewrite your narrative.

With decades of experience teaching therapeutic touch and personal development facilitation, I stand ready to empower you on your unique journey.

I bring the most playful and transformational vibe to my work which is edgy, juicy and joyful. I have the natural ability to bring out the very best in people by seeing everyone in their highest and most expansive potential.

I am known for putting together experiences focused on the senses of touch, sight, smell, sound and the breath to awaken people up to their fullest potential. I encourage people to liberate themselves by safely meeting their edges and discovering what’s on the other side.

In all truth it’s very likely I will have you laughing, crying and embracing all that you are in no time. I show you through my own embodiment exactly what it looks like for a woman to be in her potent power, fulfilled in business and relationship and how to release the shackles of past traumas.

Thai Massage Dissected

My book Thai Massage Dissected is full of wisdom and research about the body. I share with you from my human dissection experience and studying, teaching and practicing Thai Medicine for 3 decades.

It is a MUST for all of you fascinated about the body and yearning to learn therapeutic touch.

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“I absolutely love training with Natasha. As a resource for either learning the fundamentals of Thai Bodywork or expanding your knowledge base, the courses on offer are second to none. If you are looking for a teacher in true traditional Thai medicine with over 30 years of experience and a published author on the subject, I think you would be hard pressed to find an equivalent particularly in the UK.”

John Winnett