Ready to go deeper with your Thai bodywork practice?

The Advanced Diploma is for you, my friend!

The Advanced Thai Bodywork Diploma is open to those who have completed our Foundations Diploma and are looking to take their practice to a much deeper level of therapeutic approach.

Delivered in a combination of online and in-person training (Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre, UK)

The dates of the next Advanced Thai Bodywork Module 3 course are:

Online training via Zoom – 16th September 2022 10am – 1pm
In-person training – 17th/18th September 2022 10am-5pm

The dates of the next Advanced Thai Bodywork Module 4 course are:

Online training via Zoom – 11th November 2022 10am – 1pm
In-person training – 12th/13th November 2022 10am -5pm

So, let’s go deeper…

Learn Ancient Lanna traditional practices, such as the use of scarves and scraping tools for effective and deep bodywork release, and to address core areas of the body such as the spine, cardiovascular and nervous systems with additional therapeutic stretches and healing arts protocols.

Additionally students will learn Traditional abdominal massage for health and vitality and will be introduced to an ancient herbal oil recipe and herbal compresses whose properties are therapeutic for gut health.

There will be handcrafted healing belly oil, scarves from Thailand and balms and liniments (not usually accessible in the UK) available to purchase.

Thai bodywork training

What you’ll learn

In this advanced course you’ll learn:

The anatomy of the belly, enteric nervous system and viscera

Traditional abdominal massage based on Thai medical theory

Subtle touch, touch sensitivity, listening hands, release points

Sacred old style stretches, myo-fascial stretching and pin and stretch techniques

How to use scarves for deep and penetrating release of the neck, back, shoulders and pelvis

Ancient Scraping tools for the release of toxins and heat and to relax bound up muscles

Thai medical theory

Herbal oil and compress recipe

Therapeutic work for anxiety and heart-mind treatment for calming the mental winds

Reusi Datton self care and spiritual practice of the healing arts wai kru

Anatomy of the spine and CNS plus spinal nerve and central nervous system treatments

Targeted neuromuscular release work

Wind gate star series

Palpatory techniques, body walking and advanced targeted stretches

The use of heating and cooling balms and liniments in a treatment session

Moving the winds through the bone layer


I’m an author, award winning teacher and the ‘bad girl’ of bodywork. I have been a leader in the wellness space since 1990, shaking things up and doing things differently.

For over 30 years, regardless of what has been going on in the world I have run a successful business practicing Thai yoga massage, selling and serving online alongside everything else.

I don’t do things in the same way as everyone else, and it’s why I am still here, going strong and growing each year and I’d love for you to do the same. It is my passion to support you to un-apologetically take up space! Attract new clients and make more money/income.

I am here to tell you can thrive and grow your business with ease and grace, speaking from your heart.

And now is the time to get your important message out there.

Having taken the first module and the herbal compress course with Natasha, I can say what a very precious and beautiful space she creates for her students. I am taking the next module this year, and she has also invited me to attend the first module again [as an intern]. Natasha cares deeply about the practice and for her students, and I could not ask more of her course. Really looking forward to it!

Ronald Cheape

The Wellness Success System

As part of the Advanced Diploma, you’ll also have access to The Wellness Success System.

Would you love your business to be thriving and growing without lots of hard work?

Does social media freak you out?

Are you unsure how you can get your message to the clients you most want to work with?

What if I told you that you can make a difference and work with clients who so desperately need you?

That you can increase your passion, clarity and impact to have a soul-led business that makes a good (or frickin’ incredible) income…

Let me show you how

What’s included?

The Wellness Success System is a comprehensive step-by-step tried and tested method which will shift your business to success.

This is a 6 week online course, alongside the Advanced Diploma, designed to help you get your unique message out in the world, using your voice, your skills, your story to gain you a loyal client base.


6 weekly guided lessons online via Zoom (all recorded so you can watch at your convenience), 3 weekly Q&A sessions, private Facebook community, downloadable PDFs, weekly tasks and accountability, and support from an experienced teacher/practitioner.

Crystal Clarity System

The number 1 mistake I see people making is having a lack of clarity, direction and understanding about why they are doing certain things at a very specific time.

Which is why I have created my Crystal Clarity System – maximise profit and impact without taking up more of your time.

Stop wasting time on things that don’t work and see clearly what you can do to grow.

Archetype Impact System

The second mistake I see yoga teachers and therapists make is trying to be everything to everyone and ending up with a business they only partially like rather than absolutely LOVE.

The archetype impact system goes straight to the heart of your business and flips it sunny side up so you have a business you always dreamed of.

You’ll truly know where you fit and where you can create most impact.

Passion Pivot System

A massive mistake I see in the industry is shouting loud (and no one hears) or shying away from any real effective communication – the result? A Deathly quiet business or incredible overwhelm and overwork.

But with the Passion Pivot System you’ll have an abundance of your favourite clients queuing at your door.

You’ll feel really excited about your business and how much potential there is for it to grow.

Money Manifest System

Time to bring it in and move the dial.

Let’s face it, something is not in alignment.

You’re over worked and under paid. You can’t elevate your impact or finances doing what you’ve always done. Learn how to see you finances very differently so you can move from fear to abundance.

With the money impact system magic happens and your mindset moves.

You’ll ditch the fear and feel abundant.

Aligned Integrity System

A big mistake comes from the psychology of your offers not being lined up perfectly. The energy behind them is off and your clients/students know it.

The aligned integrity system gets you firmly back on the right track so you feel incredible about your offers and services.

You’ll feel your self -value increase and you will feel truly valued by clients.

Soul Boost System

A big blunder in your business comes from not taking the right soul-led action at the right time with the right content ending in your business stagnating and you becoming clears you confusion and teaches you soul led action that feels exciting and gets transformative business results.

Your confidence will increase so you can get out there and shout loud and proud about your business.

Advanced thai bodywork diploma

+ Wellness Success System (The total value for the Wellness Success System alone is £3,641!)

So now you can deepen your practice by learning advanced Thai Bodywork techniques AND increase your income and impact with the help of the Wellness Success System.

Count me in!

Got more questions?

I’ve got more answers…

When do we start?

The dates of the next Advanced Thai Bodywork Module 3 course are:

Online training via Zoom – 3rd June 2022 10am – 1pm
In-person training – 4th/5th June 2022 10am-4pm

The dates of the next Advanced Thai Bodywork Module 4 course are:

Online training via Zoom – 9th September 2022 10am – 1pm
In-person training – 10th/11th September 2022 10am-4pm

Where does the training take place?

All of our in-person advanced training courses take place in Brighton UK.

What are the entry requirements?

You need to have completed the Foundation Diploma.

I am already a Thai Massage practitioner - Can I book straight onto the advanced course?

We would need to speak with you to find out if your previous training is under the same lineage, we always want to support your studies. 

What is the time commitment for the Advanced Diploma?
This course includes two modules:
4 online sessions 10am – 1pm each day
2 in-person days
4 online sessions 10am – 1pm
2 in-person days
There is usually a 1-2 month break between these modules.
Is there an exam?

Yes. There is a practical exam, a short multiple choice and 10 hours of case studies to complete. 


Let’s Do This

Are you ready to go deeper?