Are you ready to meet your ancestors and guides by connecting to spirit (AKA your BREATH).

£20 to join us

Using  Conscious Connected Breathwork as a tool to take you to new depths of awareness you can connect with them and experience the support, messages and guidance they have to offer – this is just a few breaths away


By taking more breath into your body you stimulate altered brain waves states and lifetimes of ancestral lineage carried in your bodies wisdom


When we connect to our guides and call on them to help us we feel the support of healing energy beyond time and space and we breathe into quantum possibilities 


Honouring our ancestors, learning about them by breathing into those places beyond conscious awareness is an opportunity to release old inherited patterns and download powerful lessons – all to support us to the next level in our lives-  to understand so much more about yourself and what is possible


Join Natasha who brings the breath in a magical and powerful way as an experience not to be missed 


The session begins with guided touch to connect to your visceral organs, a place where many of us store old memories, stuckness & stagnation – by bringing powerful self-touch to this area and incorporating breathing practices into the process it supports the body to release old toxic thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


A powerful connection to the wisdom in your body and your ancestral lineage

A guided Breathwork to connect you to spirit and any guides you have with you

Discover the transformation of quantum leaps when you connect with your breath, release old patterns of  7 generations and create your life with new guidance, awareness and creativity

Guided self-touch for deep, visceral release

Integration and community

Connect online with a community of like-minded individuals on a journey forwards of self-healing and personal growth. Experience Natasha’s guidance for self healing through touch and a joyful approach to Somatic tools (with a fabulous and carefully curated playlist) 

“I’ve been on the receiving end of 2 of Natasha’s Breathwork sessions. 4 words covers both times. OUT OF THIS WORLD! I managed to go deeper than I ever have done in a breathwork session before.”

Bronwyn Tuffy
Transformational Coach, Movement Teacher & Writer

Natasha de Grunwald is a published author, international breathwork, trauma and somatic expert. She is the founder of the Toxic Release Method and Seismic Orgasmic experience. 

Based in London and Brighton she travels internationally to facilitate Breathwork events and to teach healing methods for mind, body and soul.  As a powerful speaker and advocate for trauma and Somatic healing she runs events, workshops and retreats along with 1:1 client work. 

With 4 decades of experience as a leader practising and teaching holistic and complimentary therapies her passion and expertise centres around Breathwork, nervous system regulation, trauma healing, Somatic modalities, inner child and shadow work, myofascial touch, ancient healing practices, nutrition and powerful coaching. 

“Truly the most joyful breathe I have ever experienced”

Lyndsey Marriott
Experienced Breathwork Facilitator