There are many styles of Breathwork and ways to use the breath in your life. All of which will help you self-heal, change your state and physiology whilst connecting you to your inner world, your potential and presence.


The way you breathe on a day-to-day basis has a huge impact on your physical, emotional, energetic and functional health.  If you are breathing with an irregular breath, through your mouth, hard or fast, into your upper chest youll find that having some 1:1 sessions to retrain your breathing rhythm, nervous system and to down regulate is a great place to start.  

During a session youll be guided through a process to gently connect to your breath, to feel your body and the sensations that are there as you breathe.  You’ll be guided in how to breathe in a healthy pattern and to listen to your own body-wisdom,  which will calm your nervous system. This can be used as a tool to aid sleep, reduce anxiety and overwhelm and balance your body.



During this style of Breathwork you will be Consciously Connecting your Breath. This is a simple and powerful Breathing style that is safe for all and easy to pick up. The breath will move in your body like the tides, a rhythm that flows in and out without pausing. 

You will be guided through a journey with a playlist of carefully crafted music and voice facilitation.  Youll be breathing for anything from 15 minutes to 45 minutes ( sometimes a little longer if in a group workshop).

Breathing this way (CCB) is a gateway to the subconscious and allows you to access lost and forgotten parts of yourself so you can heal at a deep and safe level. The conscious breathing rhythm shows you where you are holding onto old blocks and memories.  When you unconsciously continue to hold onto old thoughts, emotions and physical manifestations youll be feeling stuck. This incredible technique will help you to move forwards with clarity, peace and a new found energy. 


Every time you have had an experience in your life that has upset you it will have affected your breathing pattern, usually by holding your breath or breathing really fast.  When you take richer, deeper and connected breaths it starts to move things in your emotional, physical and energetic bodies and those times where you held your breath and felt overwhelmed get a chance to be released and healed.




Youthful skin
Balanced hormones
Increased energy and vitality
Clarity of mind and Focus
Trauma healing
Emotional wellbeing
Nervous system regulation
Affects mental state
Affects digestion
Affects cardiovascular health
Assists the lymphatic system 
Release tension and physical pain
Releases toxins and increases immune health