Breathwork Basics Mini Series

Online Course 

Have you heard of Breathwork but have no idea where to start or what to do (or even HOW to breathe)?


Do you find breathing difficult? maybe it sends you into a panic even ‘thinking’ about Breathing


Are you a little scared or curious about Breathwork because you hear that its like taking psychedelics and can bring up trauma?


Have you become intrigued by the trend of Breathwork but want to start at the beginning and explore it gently?


Do you want some breathwork tools to help you cope each day with stress?


If so our breathwork basics mini series is for you. It is prerecorded so you can access it whenever is suitable for you.

in EACH session EXPLORE: 

Breathe Better - learn the basics of how to take a healthy breath

Breath Hacks for the active mind

The power of short 10 minute sessions

trauma Release Method Breathwork - a gentle and therapeutic guided practice

Conscious Connected Breathwork - a transformational breathwork journey

Energy rising breathwork - activate fire element to feel vibrant and energised

In this session youll start to get an idea of how you may have been breathing since the say you were born, and how to start re training your body to breathe in a healthier and more functional way, so you can experience the vitality this will bring you


Trauma Release Method breathwork is a therapeutic approach to ccurcular breathing where youll be breathing through the nose. It is a gentle approach to help regulate your nervous system and slowly uncover layers where you may be holding onto emotions or beliefs


Conscious connected Breathwork is a circular breath that can be taken through the mouth (if safe for you to do so -please make sure you have read the information about this) or the nose.  This session is a guided powerful experience with music.  Go at your own pace and listen to your body, taking time to check in with yourself to not overwhelm your system. Remember that the best healing happens gently and slowly.


Energy Rise Breathwork 
In this session I will be teaching you how to increase your energy levels using the breath. This is a short, sweet and very effective breathwork practice
Breathwork hack for the active mind – living life in the head is exhausting and prevents us getting into the body. In this hack I teach you how to use the breath to  calm the mind and connect deeply to your body – the results are amazing 


Trauma release method Breathwork 
This is a longer and deeper session where you get to experience the method again. I invite you to journal with what comes up after your therapeutic session.

what you will receive

6 sessions introducing you to different elements and types of breathwork

breathing with guidance and cues so you can feel safety in your breath and body

A powerful connection to the wisdom of your body and breath

Getting comfy with different breathing practices and feeling their effects in your body

An introduction to the trauma release method style of breathing with founder Natasha de Grunwald and supported by highly trained trauma release method facilitators

How to raise energy and vitality with the breath

Breath Hacks for the over active mind