To ensure your safety at all times Natasha de Grunwald asks you to read the list of contraindications and the physiological changes in the body and emotional releases this style of Breathwork can bring up to ensure you are fully informed and choosing to join us to Breathe.

In reading this practice waiver I understand that if I have any medical conditions or am taking medication and am under the care of a doctor or physician for any of these conditions listed below:


* Severe asthma
* Epilepsy or seizures
* Dissociation or psychogenic blackouts
* High Blood Pressure (hypertension)
* COPD or existing lung condition 
* 1st trimester or delicate pregnancy
* Very low blood pressure (hypotension)
* Unmedicated bi-polar or psychosis
* ScizophreNia
* Glaucoma and/or detached retina
* Recent major surgery
* Heart conditions or arrhythmia, previous stroke or heart attack
* Hospitalisation for any psychiatric condition within the last 10 years
* Unmanaged PTSD
* Diabetes
* Thyroid issues

* Brain or gut aneurism 


I agree that I have a responsibility to inform the facilitator of this before the session so that a modified practice can be offered to you or advise may be given that it is not suitable for you.


Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful, transformational and deeply healing Somatic process which can instigate a process on the physical,. Emotional, energetic and functional levels.


Sessions can cause (and are not limited to):

* Energy / vibrations in the body
* Emotional release
* Tetany
* Memory recall
* Psychedelic experiences
* Altered Brainwave states
* Physical sensations (including heat, cold, tingling, levitating)
* Shivering / trauma release 

* Waive & Release


Breathwork facilitators are highly trained but are not medical practitioners. It is each participants personal responsibility to look after their own physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. By booking any session with Natasha de Grunwald you accept the following:

‘I have been accepted as a participant for this session and I accept responsibility for any consequence resulting from this Breathwork practice (during or after any and all sessions) . I agree to consult my doctor or psychotherapist if I am unsure it’s a suitable practice for me and that I have consulted a health professional in relation to any condition (whether that be physical, emotional ormental) that might affect my judgement or health and I understand and acknoedlge any risks, injuries are my full responsibility. 


I understand that if I have any of the conditions listed (but not being limited to those contraindicated above) I must advise Natasha de Grunwald or other facilitator.



With this understanding I voluntarily accept this waiver.

Natasha de Grunwald and any of her allocated teachers or support team may offer suggestions  for health and wellbeing. I understand that any suggested practices, movements or information is for education purposes and not a medical diagnosis for treatment. 


I understand that physical and mental states can change with this style of Breathwork (CCB) and it is important to be aware of your own personal limits, capabilities ad edges and act within your own safe boundaries.