Breathwork for Business

“It might be simple but breathing definitely is the new high-performance habit. It might even be our most powerful bio-hack yet.” 

Charlie Hugh-Jones, Forbes Magazine

Many companies have wellbeing-at-work schemes and have recognised that the health of their staff & colleagues is vital for productivity. Through our research we have found many of the current practices being offered (such as yoga & meditation) are often daunting and the services provided are not being fully utilised.

Times have changed dramatically with many more people now working from home and interacting with each other less and less.  The knock on effect of this has created a surge in staff being demotivated, with lowered capacity and a a feeling of lethargy and stagnation.

This is where the simple (and high impact) practice of Breathwork comes into its own

Breathwork is a powerful way for our bodies to become self-regulated, to shift energy, improve focus and motivation and increase energy – fast!

Natasha works with many incredible Breathwork practices – they onboard Prana (life force energy) and awaken cellular intelligence.

Whether it is a 3 or 30 minute practise the benefits are instantaneous and transformative. When used consistently and as a regular practice the magic really starts to happen.

Natasha and her team are here to help deliver incredible results using the most accessible health care tool available…


Herbal Compress Workshop


Discover / Uncover

At this stage we will be finding out what it is your employees need most. What are their struggles, how are they feeling (mentally, physically and emotionally).  What are they doing for their own health and wellness and where could improvements make the biggest shifts for them in the workplace and personally (we recognise that the 2 are not mutually exclusive and we believe integrating the whole person will deliver the biggest results).



Using our carefully curated knowledge about your staff’s individual needs and goals we will create a 30 minute tailor-made breathwork workshop for them.

This will give your employees the opportunity to embody first-hand the power and transformation of the Breathwork and the heath-giving effects it delivers.



We will gather feedback from the workshop and work with you to create a targeted and customised programme offering ongoing, consistent work and support with your team.

We will collaborate to bring together our most powerful practices to enhance focus & clarity, inspire creativity, boost overall health and motivation, accelerate performance and enhance relationships.

Blending together incredible playlists, ancient pranayama techniques (that are scientifically proven to alter brain wave states) powerful visualisations, subconscious transformation coaching, guided transformative meditations, ancient herbal inhalers, somatic movement and restorative self massage.

Our sessions can be delivered as in-person events or online via Zoom.

I felt a sense of deep peace and connection after just one session.”

“I came out of the breathwork session with Natasha with so many exciting creative ideas and a whole a new range of jewellery was born. The breathwork session was so powerful and it ended up being the inspiration for a huge body of work.”

“I started the session feeling anxious and overwhelmed and by the end I was calm, rested and positive again.”

Benefits of Breathwork in Business


Boost creativity & productivity

Improve morale & motivation

Reduced stress, anxiety & overwhelm

Improved performance

Increased energy

Balanced nervous system

Stronger sense of self

Healthy connection to others

Stronger immune system

Are you ready to experience the wonders of Breathwork?

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