come and join us ON 7TH JULY 

breathwork 4.30PM – 6.00PM

5 rhythms 6.30PM – 8.30PM

Cost: £30 full price, £25 concessions

no refunds or transfers for this ticket, You can gift your ticket to someone else)

Breathwork Theme – Journey through the elements to rebirth 

Join Natasha for a powerful ’Conscious Connected Breathwork’ experience where she will take you on a journey with music, poetry & visualisation.


Travel through the 5 elements – experiencing earth, water, fire, wind and space. Using the incredible vitality of the Breath to let go of the old – to embrace and embody a rebirth – welcoming in the new.

Breath is incredible medicine ready for you to explore.

As we breathe together in community we are able to access altered brain wave states and experience bliss, clarity, joy, and connections beyond time and space. We can release old traumas and find lost parts of ourselves. It’s all there to be explored in the breath. 

On the 7th July, it is Natasha’s birthday and she wants to curate this experience as a celebration with you all before the Friday Waves class. She will guide you beautifully through the experience.

Natasha has 4 decades of experience as a facilitator, space holder and practitioner.



This is a substance-free space. Please bring your willingness to move, some layered clothes that allow you to sweat, and to keep warm, and a bottle of water so you stay hydrated. Please leave your words and devices outside the space.

The structure of each class is a warmup followed by the five rhythms of the wave: flowing, grounded in the feet; staccato, grounded in the hips; chaos, letting go of the head; lyrical, where the dance extends out through the hands into the wider space; stillness, where we don’t stop moving but we’re moved by the breath. Beginners are equally welcome, as are experienced dancers. There is nothing to get right or wrong, just come with an openness to let the music be your guide and your teacher.

Hi, I’m Natasha de Grunwald

Suspended from school at 14. Beaten up by a boyfriend at 15. Child of narcissistic father and now your life-loving & outrageously rebellious teacher who facilitates personal & professional breakthroughs.

Focussing  on  YOUR wellbeing and the unedited full potential of YOUR unique gifts. I was teaching personal growth at 11 years old in a semi-cult environment. Sitting ‘in circle’ back then and being forced to speak up freaked the living daylights out of me and taught me a lot about the importance of creating safety, self empowerment and consent in the healing space.

5Rhythms with Paul

When I began dancing 5Rhythms, two decades ago, it didn’t take long for it to become a central part of my life; attending classes regularly, I was always hungry for more of what this dance gave me, the sense of community, the freedom of expression, the presence of being, and the music.
I am so happy to be able to offer a 5Rhythms class in this area on Friday evenings.