The Potent WOMAN

Awaken and nourish your unique power and magic

The potent woman is about accessing your true self, finding alignment within and embracing the deepest potential for your one precious life.
It is a transformative space for you to come into your potent power, experience joy and reclaim lost parts of yourself (and discover new ones).
You’ll be immersed in a transformative healing space for a small group of women who come together to create new beginnings and to experience a 9 month journey of support, growth and self love.


Your Cosmic Metamorphosis

In a world where sensuality, self expression and women‘s authenticity are often caught up in judgement and shame, we understand the struggles you’ve experienced to get where you are today. Past wounds from childhoods, the sting of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, along with society’s expectations of women have combined over our lifetimes to minimise the exquisite joy of pleasure, deep fulfilment and self expression. The result is that this becomes out of reach or elusive for so many of us, and we feel lost, unsatisfied, disconnected.

Is “The Potent Woman” Your Destiny?

Have you lost confidence in yourself?

Do you yearn for soul-deep relationships but bear the scars of past wounds?

Have you confronted the pains of emotional, physical  or sexual abuse or toxic relationships from childhood to now?

Is it time to forge a healthier relationship with your body and sexual empowerment?

Do you ache for a full-life suffused with joy, bliss, sexual empowerment and self expression?

Have you disconnected from your own body and are ready to feel it all again?

Is fear your ever-present companion, lurking in your dreams and ambitions?

Does a wild, untamed spirit simmer within, eager to break free?

Have you grappled with self-loathing and body shame?

Are you weary of people-pleasing and ready to dance to your heart’s rhythm?

What an incredibly powerful experience this was for me. This is important work and I’m so grateful that you are offering this and so safely and beautifully too.

Sarah Steel


Natasha’s Personal Journey

Natasha has travelled through four decades of self-discovery and empowerment. Her journey from a shy and sensitive child to a International Somatic healer and educator, is testament to the changes that await when we deeply explore our inner world and move through healing trauma.

As an 18-year-old, Natasha treated and supported women with AIDS/HIV, illuminating their darkest hours with her empathetic presence, wisdom and healing tools. Her journey, deeply etched with her own history of abuse, low self esteem and confidence has become the gift that she now shares with women in the safe and powerful container of the Potent Woman

discover Your authentic Power

Strip away the layers of societal conditioning and embrace your untamed, authentic self under Natasha’s expert guidance.

A Journey of Passion and Resilience

This isn’t a mere journey; it’s the power of self-mastery, self healing and self acceptance under the guidance of an expert.

make friends with Your Shadows 

Natasha will cast a blazing light upon the darkest corners of your soul, unveiling the hidden gems of your being and reigniting your inner radiance and confidence. 

I took the voyage of my female lineage, saw photos, received messages. A numbness  evolved into a flow where now I breathe from my vulva to the crown – I regained strong contact with my female energy and softly have opened trust to ancient gifts. The feeling of taking my death-breath and then coming into flow is something that’s imprinted in my body. So thank you Natasha – for a precious space and knowing where I needed to go.

Karin Brath


The Potent Woman’s Path

The Potent Woman is divided into three transformative phases, each spanning three months.

Through carefully curated themes, we delve into your past, embrace the present, and prepare you for a vibrant future. It’s time to liberate yourself, rewrite your narrative, and become the potent, confident, and sensual woman you’ve always aspired to be.

Join us on this exhilarating path of growth and fulfilment.

Journey Themes

Months 1-3:
Embrace Your Past

Month 1: The microscopic truths

Month 2: The shadow & inner child

Month 3: Toxic relationship & Death rituals

Months 4-6:
Embrace the Present

Month 4: Body wisdom & the psychosomatic body

Month 5: Creativity and self expression

Month 6: The Masks and wounds

Months 7-9:
Embrace the Future

Month 7: Freewill, freedom and choice

Month 8 Stepping into power & magic all areas

Month 9: The Potent Woman Rebirth


Thematic monthly lesson: First Friday of every month commencing February 2nd 2024 10.30-12.30 on Zoom.

Group coaching session: 2nd Wednesday of every month commencing February 2024 12.30-1.30pm.

Thematic Breathwork: first Monday of every month commencing 5th February 2024 8pm- 9pm.

You will have a 1:1 coaching session with Natasha every 3 months.

One day retreat 21st September 2024 10am-5pm (Brighton or London TBC).

There will be two guest teacher sessions – dates and theme to be confirmed.

Your Journey with The Potent Woman

Deep Dive:

Embark on a profound exploration, courageously uncovering hidden shadows and beginning a journey to discover your authentic self.

Breath Medicine:

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of breath, revealing the depths of your subconscious, revisiting past lives, and addressing inner child wounds.

Herbal Healing:

Embrace the holistic magic of women’s herbs, nurturing your body, providing gentle vulva care, and supporting trauma recovery.

Ancient Wisdom:

Journey into the heart of age-old insights, where healing mantras and daily self-care rituals rekindle vitality and focus.

Self-Love Rituals:

Craft potent rituals that celebrate your journey of self-love, fostering a profound connection with your body and inner essence.

Guided Coaching:

Experience transformation through expert-guided coaching, including group sessions and personalised support tailored to your unique path.

Community Hub:

Find your tribe within our close-knit community, offering unwavering encouragement and a platform for deep connections.

Home Exploration:

Delve into transformative monthly themes through immersive journaling and practices, all from the comfort of your own sacred space.

Buddy System:

Cultivate meaningful connections with carefully selected pairs or small groups, fostering additional support and genuine friendships.

Expressive Arts:

Unleash your authentic voice through the art of writing, speaking, and uninhibited self-expression, unlocking new dimensions of creativity.

Energetic Activation:

Ignite your inner power through specialised vulva and throat activations, awakening your unique energy signature.

Monthly Breathwork:

Immerse yourself in themed, transformative breathwork sessions, each month unveiling new insights and opportunities for growth.

Lifetime Access:

Enjoy unrestricted access to recordings and enriching content, ensuring continuous growth and evolution.

Retreat Priority:

Secure your spot at life-altering retreats and immersive experiences, offering profound transformation and renewal.

Book Club:

Engage in enlightening book discussions every three months, expanding your horizons and enriching your understanding.

Thematic Learning:

Delve deeply into curated monthly themes during extensive two-hour lessons, enhancing your self-discovery journey month by month.

Harnessing The Potent Woman for Business and Mentorship

As an additional part of ‘The Potent Woman,’ we don’t just empower individuals; we ignite potential leaders. This transformative journey isn’t confined to personal growth alone; it unveils a pathway for you to translate these newfound insights into business prowess and mentorship excellence.

Imagine infusing your entrepreneurial endeavours with the wisdom gained here, fostering a work environment of empowered women, or stepping into a mentorship role to guide others along their own journeys.

This program equips you to lead, inspire, and create lasting change, whether that’s in the boardroom, your community, or as a guiding light for aspiring women. Your transformation is not just personal; it’s an opportunity to ignite others’ potential too.

Ready to join us?

Enrol in “The Potent Woman” today and embark on this POWERFUL AWAKENING OF feminine embodiment and self-discovery for £5800 with our earlybird offer (until January 24th). 

Reclaim your authentic magic, awaken your sovereignty, and redefine your life, relationships, and self-expression.

Choose from two flexible payment plans:

Single Payment:

Secure your journey to empowerment with a one-time payment of £6500 £5800.

Monthly Payment:

Prefer a more flexible approach?
Opt for our monthly payment plan at just £484 per month.

Ignite Your magic & Power

Enrol today, secure your place, and launch into your journey of redefining, exploring, illuminating and connecting with the potent woman within you.