Are you ready for a mind blowing experience that will make you feel truly delighted, heart connected and more lust for your precious life?

You’re absolutely in the perfect place.

Herbal Compress Workshop

If you are ready to be LIT the F UP just by your being here in the present moment and breathing, this practice is going to rock your world and you’ll feel insanely gifted by the experience!

In each glorious session you’ll experience conscious connected breath work and other simple techniques that are the perfect combo of science and natural magic (aka the breath).

Add to this the alchemy of powerful visualisations and an incredible, eclectic playlist and you’ll soon be hooked!!

You’ll start to notice that your own pure unadulterated joy, creativity and soul connection has been awakened.

And there’s more:

You’ll become part of the most electric and vibrant communities of delightful, loving and like minded souls. All of whom are beautiful and imperfect humans – we all show up as we are which is SO refreshing.

The Breathwork Alchemy sessions will…

Bring you fully into the present moment where you will find bliss
Help you release old patterns and beliefs that are keeping you from living your absolute best life
Inspire the most creative and magical ideas – direct from your highest self
Allow you to feel freedom in your body, mind and soul
Transform your relationship with yourself as you gain awakened clarity and self acceptance
Create the life you have always dreamt of from a place of release, clarity, joy and delight
Herbal Compress Workshop

Welcome to breathwork

I am ecstatic you have found your way here

Breathwork is THE hidden gem you’ve been looking for your whole life.

With conscious connected breathwork you will breathe your way to optimal health and your fullest human potential.

You’ll be fascinated to know – Your brain waves are literally changing with each breath – the gamma brainwave states are being activated (and it is usually only the experienced meditators like the enlightened Buddhist monks who are able to access these states).

Some more juicy info about Gamma brainwaves – they are the peak flow states that activate highly inspired thinking – tapping into the hidden powers of the subconscious mind.

If you’re looking for creativity and insanely unique ideas you have found the key.

It’s going to sound too good to be true but the science is there to back up this ancient practice which is thousands of years of old.

What you can expect

Activate your energetic vibration

Cleanse your cells of toxins and waste
Recalibrate your nervous system
Improve cardiovascular health
Experience profound healing and rejuvenation
Unlock the barriers to peak performance

Create passion, drive and motivation

Awaken to your full potential
Improve injury recovery time
Balance hormones
Tap into your creativity and gain clarity
Improve digestion and circulation
Strengthen the immune system

Each session, whether in a group, a 1:1, online or in-person has the power to literally create physiological, physical, chemical, energetic, emotional, spiritual transformation.

Is it any wonder it makes you feel a million dollars?!

I felt a sense of deep peace and connection after just one session.”

“I came out of the breathwork session with Natasha with so many exciting creative ideas and a whole a new range of jewellery was born.The breathwork session was so powerful and it ended up being the inspiration for a huge body of work.”

“I started the session feeling anxious and overwhelmed and by the end I was calm, rested and positive again.”

Join us for Breathwork

“What if there were something right under your nose that could change the way you see the world and offer you health, harmony and peace of mind? Wouldn’t you want to know what that was?” 


Recent studies show that Breathwork can reduce symptoms that are associated with many health conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and trauma.

Breathtaking Circle

£27.50 per session

Join our transformative breathwork sessions and experience the incredible power of the Breath and a community breathing together.

Consistency and regularity is key to attain all the health giving benefits you are looking for. Come and join us in community as we gather together to connect and breathe.

Thai yoga massage foundation diploma


Work with Natasha on a 1:1 basis and she will expertly tailor the breathwork session around what it is you need most to flourish using her 30+ years of healing work and experience 

In these sessions Natasha will skillfully combine knowledge of many different breathwork practices to first ensure you are breathing in a healthy and functional pattern. 

She will create guided visualisations & felt sense meditations, do some hands on bodywork (if in-person and if needed) and use coaching skills to ensure you get the creme-de-la-creme of attention.

Thai yoga massage foundation diploma

Have you been sleeping badly?

Perhaps you have gut issues or feel your hormones are out of whack

Maybe you’ve been suffering from  insomnia

Did you have a traumatic or difficult birth?  

have you recently had surgery or recovering from a virus?

Breathwork is the key to unlocking your vitality and happiness.

Perhaps you want to feel refreshed, relaxed and re-energised?  

Whatever you are going through and whatever you want to achieve, we can work together for your optimum health and deepest fulfilment.

Breathwork 1 session £160   |   Breathwork 3 sessions £450   |   Breathwork 6 sessions £670

Got questions?

I’ve got answers…

Group sessions or 1:1?

A Group Breathe experience is profound as you come together as a community to breathe together. It’s a deeply connecting, personal and collective experience. The sessions happen monthly on Zoom with a different intention set for each session.

In a Breathtaking 1:1, Natasha is able to tailor the sessions. So if there are specific areas of your life you want to work on through breath, we are able to do this together in a private space either online or in person.

    When are the sessions?

    Group sessions will take place on the last Monday of every month, each session is 1 hour. 

    There will be a different intention for every breathtaking circle.

    Breathtaking 1:1 sessions can be booked at a time that suits you.

    Are sessions online or in person?

    Breathtaking Circles take place live with Natasha and the rest of the group on Zoom, so you can get comfortable in your home and connect as a community through the breath.*

    1:1 sessions may be taken in person or on Zoom according to your preference. If you choose to take the session online, you will also be provided with a recording.

    *a recording is not available for group sessions.

    How to prepare

    You will need a quiet space where you are completely uninterrupted for the session and will need to be somewhere you can lie down flat or sit comfortably upright for about an hour.

    You can have crystals or stones to hold, an eye mask, blankets to hand, earphones and a computer with Zoom.

    I will guide you into the breathwork, and will be holding a safe and loving space for you throughout the session.

    After the session

    There will be time to rest afterwards and an opportunity to share (if you wish) or ask questions. It is often handy to have a journal close by to make some notes about the experience.

    I will also make suggestions about aftercare and further sessions.

    Let’s Do This

    Are you ready to experience the wonders of Breathwork?

    Group Breath Experience

    Monthly 1 hour sessions on Zoom

    Private sessions with Natasha

    90 minutes on Zoom or in person