Come as you are

Are you craving a community of normal people who show up in their fullest expression of what human looks like?

Come and join us at 9am UK time every Saturday – come as you are – bring a song, a poem, a story, an experience, your emotions.

All of you is welcome  •  Keep the camera on or off  •  Lurkers are welcome too

Together we can embrace all that we are and know we are not alone in our mess.

Whether you are feeling JOY, sadness, grief, bliss, boredom, numbness or anything else on the spectrum of human experience you will be in a community that support you, resonate, encourage and witness you – wherever you are.

This is a weekly virtual gathering which is all about community, inclusion, kindness, compassion and inspiration.

Some weeks we might have a boogie or a breathe together.

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