Episode 18

Dec 17, 2021

In this weeks episode I am talking to you about what is your purpose. Have you ever been asked that questions, ‘What is your why?’ Do you have an answer that fills you with confidence and feels good? Or are you like me and found this question a really tough one to answer for so long. Let’s think about what purpose is and how you can dig deep to find yours.

About Natasha:
Natasha de Grunwald is a subconscious transformation coach, a mentor, a teacher, trainer, breathwork facilitator and a Mum to a 19 year old daughter. She has been teaching and training and holding space for people in the wellness industry for over 30 years.

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The Dissected Woman is a podcast for those of you that are fascinated by people. I am going to be exploring all walks of  life, whether that’s death, birth, sex, kink, our bodies, our bodies in movement, what’s beneath the skin  of our bodies?

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