Imagine an experience that playfully awakens, connects and inspires you

We have many exciting collaborations and events coming up that will help you explore your untapped potential and shift your perception of who you think you are.

We bring you together in community to create magic, embodiment and empowerment on another level, experiences that you will remember for your whole life.

We use Breathwork, sound, touch, dance, games, creativity to create transformational experiences for you, your friends, colleagues, family, loved ones.

Come As You Are – Free Weekly Gathering

Wellness Success System

Come and join us at 9am UK time every Saturday – come as you are – bring a song, a poem, a story, an experience, your emotions.

All of you is welcome  •  Keep the camera on or off  •  Lurkers are welcome too

Together we can embrace all that we are and know we are not alone in our mess.

Seismic Orgasmic Breath

Wellness Success System

Our Seismic Orgasmic Breath (SOB) workshop isn’t for everyone. It’s for adventurous individuals of all genders and ages (21+), aflame with a hunger for personal growth and exploration, and eager to rekindle the eros energy, your primal life-force, bubbling from the depths of your pelvis and core.

2 hour in-person workshop in London

Breathwork Events

300 Hour Specialist Bodywork Training

Join Natasha for a powerful ‘Conscious Connected Breathwork’ experience where she will take you on a journey with music, poetry & visualisation.

As we breathe together in community we are able to access altered brain wave states and experience bliss, clarity, joy, and connections beyond time and space. It’s all there to be explored in the breath.

“I’ve been on the receiving end of 2 of Natasha’s Breathwork sessions. 4 words covers both times. OUT OF THIS WORLD! I managed to go deeper than I ever have done in a breathwork session before. And 100% of the time in the past I have fallen asleep, these times I didn’t.”

Bronwyn Tuffy
Transformational Coach, Movement Teacher & Writer