12th January – 15th January 2024


Unleash Your Inner Rebel and Embrace Your Wild Side


Are you tired of living a life confined by societal expectations and self-imposed limitations? Do you yearn to break free from the mundane and embark on a thrilling adventure of self-discovery? If so, the Expansive As F*ck Workshop is your ticket to liberation, led by the remarkable Natasha de Grunwald, a Somatic health teacher with over 30 years of experience.

Are you feeling trapped by the shackles of conformity and mediocrity? Does the monotony of everyday life leave you craving excitement and true fulfilment? It’s time to break free from these chains and embrace your wild side. Say goodbye to a life of settling for less and step into the extraordinary.

I can help!

Imagine a life where you fearlessly embrace your authentic self, challenge societal norms, and fearlessly explore the uncharted territories of your being. Through transformative experiences and audacious guidance, the Expansive As F*ck Workshop will empower you to rewrite your own rules and ignite your expansive potential.


Natasha de Grunwald, your fearless navigator, is not your average guide. With her audacious coaching style and unwavering belief in your untapped potential, she will dismantle barriers and propel you forward on this transformative journey. She is driven by a deep desire to liberate souls and empower individuals to embrace their inner maverick.



I wondered whether this was the right course for me as it felt so far out of my comfort zone. Trusting that this was the right space for me has lit a fire in me that is both exciting and expansive. I am so excited to see where this takes me. Natasha holds this sacred space with love and accountability.


What’s included?


Embrace Your Wild Side: Unleash Your Inner Rebel

In this workshop, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression through invigorating somatic movement sessions and mischievous dance explorations. Let your authentic self radiate with vibrant energy.


Ignite Your Untapped Potential: Transformative Breathwork

Immerse yourself in the power of breathwork to delve deep into self-belief, reveal and embrace your hidden parts, and experience profound liberation. Unleash your full potential as you align yourself with limitless possibilities.


Rewrite Your Own Rules: Empowering Coaching Sessions

Natasha’s bold coaching style will challenge your limits, break down barriers, and empower you to embrace your daring and unconventional nature. Dare to step into a future where possibilities know no bounds.


Embrace the Whispers of Nature: Primal Connection

Reconnect with the wisdom of nature, breathe in the rejuvenating power of the elements, and experience a profound sense of liberation. Embrace your primal essence and unlock the secrets of your untamed spirit.


Unveil Your Hidden Gems: Transforming Shadows Game

Dive fearlessly into the realm of shadows, reclaim the parts you once edited or hid, and discover the magic and deliciousness that lies within. Embrace the beautiful complexities that make you whole.

At the Expansive As F*ck Workshop, we can help you achieve a life of unapologetic self-expression, limitless possibilities, and profound liberation. Embrace your wild side, rewrite your own rules, and release your expansive potential like never before.

this was a beautiful experience . I called out my inner child from within my ribs..she is so happy…and I never realised the difference between the left/right parts of me – so many wonderful new revelations about myself

Let’s get started!

To reserve your spot and unleash your wild side, click the button below and join Natasha de Grunwald and a tribe of daring souls on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery, transformation, and liberation.


I can’t put words how much my experience with you and all the others has impacted me – Edges were definitely met.  I’ve done things I’ve stopped myself doing previously and a whole new world of opportunity and potential has been revealed.  So much FUN !!!! And I’ve noticed that some of my “stories” have tilted, even just a little bit. Thank you. 

Got more questions?

I’ve got more answers…

How long is the Expansive As Fck Workshop?
  1. The Expansive As Fck Workshop is a transformative online experience that spans four immersive days. Each day is packed with exhilarating activities and powerful lessons designed to ignite your personal evolution.
Do I need any prior experience or specific skills to participate?

No prior experience or specific skills are required to join the Expansive As F*ck Workshop. This workshop is designed for individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience. It’s about embracing your authentic self and unleashing your inner rebel.

What can I expect from the online format of the workshop?

The online format of the workshop brings the transformative experience directly to you. You’ll engage in invigorating somatic movement sessions, breathwork journeys, empowering coaching sessions, and immersive games—all from the comfort of your own space. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with others and embark on a journey of self-discovery without the need for travel.

How do I access the workshop sessions?

Once you’ve registered for the workshop, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to access the workshop sessions online. We’ll provide you with a link and all the necessary information to join the live sessions, interact with Natasha, and connect with fellow participants.

Are there any specific technical requirements to participate?

To fully engage in the online workshop, you’ll need a stable internet connection and a device (computer, laptop, or tablet) with audio and video capabilities. We recommend using headphones for an optimal audio experience. 

Ready to take a walk on the wild side and embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery? Take the leap and reserve your spot today! 

Schedule Your Expansive AF Journey

Opening Ceremony Thursday at 4pm



10.30am (30mins) Dance – Somatic Movement: Connect mind, body, and soul through invigorating movements that unleash your wildest self-expression and ignite a fire within.

11.30am (1hr) Breathwork – Theme: Self Belief: Immerse yourself in a transformative breathwork session, delving deep into the power of self-belief and unlocking your untapped potential.

2pm (1.5hrs) Self-Belief Teachings & Trust Your Mouth Game: Discover the keys to authentic communication as Natasha guides you through empowering lessons on self-belief. Then, unleash your confident voice with the playful “Trust Your Mouth” game.

4pm (1hr 30 mins) Coaching – Unleash Your Inner Maverick: Natasha’s bold coaching style will challenge your limits, break down barriers, and empower you to embrace your daring and unconventional nature.



11.30am (1hr) Nature Breathwork: Breathe in the rejuvenating power of nature, whether clothed, semi-naked, or fully naked, as you connect with the elements and experience a profound sense of liberation.  Connect you to your body’s and universal wisdom.

1.30pm (1hr) Inspiration Celebration: Join a supportive circle as we share what inspires us, ignite inspiration in others, and celebrate the collective brilliance that fuels our transformative journeys.

3pm (2hrs) Body Positivity Lesson & The Prophet Game: Embrace self-acceptance by exploring your unique elemental strengths and qualities. The immersive “Prophet Game” will unlock hidden gems and connect you to your body’s wisdom.

5.30pm (1hr) Coaching – Free Your Maverick Spirit: Natasha’s powerful coaching will guide you to unlock your maverick spirit, pushing boundaries, and igniting your journey of self-discovery.




12pm (1hr) Breathwork – Theme: Reveal and Embrace Your Hidden Parts: Journey inward through breathwork, shedding light on your hidden parts and embracing the beautiful complexities that make you whole.

4pm (1hr) Transforming Shadows Game and Lesson: Dive fearlessly into the realm of shadows, where you’ll reclaim and make friends with the parts you once edited, hid, or lost. Discover the magic and deliciousness that lies within.

5.30 pm (1hr) Coaching – Dare to Embrace Your Full Potential: Natasha’s coaching will empower you to meet your edges, push past limitations, and unleash the full force of your expansive potential.



1:00pm (1hr) Breathwork and Visualisation: Connect deeply with your future expansive AF self through breathwork and visualisation, aligning yourself with the limitless possibilities that await.

4pm (1hr) Inspiration Celebration – Be Seen, Be Celebrated: Step into the spotlight and share what inspires you. Experience the joy of being seen, celebrated, and inspired by others on this incredible journey.

5.30pm (1hr) Coaching – Embrace Your Unleashed Potential: Natasha, your audacious guide, will lead you to unleash the untamed force within you, empowering you to step into a future where possibilities know no bounds.

7pm (1hr) Embody Your New Expansiveness