Feet and their connection to the Elements

by | May 3, 2016

Anyone who knows me well will know that I’m kind of into feet: I take images of them, study them, I even dissect them and I like mine firmly rooted to the ground – no handstands for me! And it’s fair to say that in general, I’m a bit of body nerd. So recently, when my mind had the chance to wander, it decided to take a walk in this direction. Today I was cutting the grass in the garden for the first time this year, enjoying the sun on my face. After a short while, I found myself aiming to create these perfect straight lines in the grass. This led me to thinking about how there are no straight lines in the body, about what wonderful curves we have and how remarkable it is that these can fit so perfectly with someone else’s body.

Anyone who has trained with me will know exactly what I’m talking about. But if not, here’s a good example: the instep of your foot fits beautifully around the hamstrings so that we can use the foot to massage this area with broad pressure, working into the second layer of the body (fascia and muscle). Another example is how when we put our feet into the prayer position, we’re able to perfectly cradle someone else’s head in them. I love that. So simple. Anyway, back to the garden – so, after finishing my work on the lawn, off came my shoes. The soft, cool texture under my feet combined with the smell of freshly cut grass was amazingly refreshing. And it was in this moment that I took a pause to appreciate:

The universe is a mirror of our body

And conversely:
Our body is a reflection of the universe.
This is what this little musing is about!
So when I felt the texture under my feet, I realised that this sensation was not dissimilar to the familiar feel of soft, cool skin that I know well from massaging. This thought then led to another – now, bear with me as things are about to get a bit ‘out there’…
Grass is like skin for the earth. And it was satisfying to join the dots even further – skin is one of the elements of Earth in Thai Medicine. There are twenty one body parts that fall into this earth element.

The Elements and Thai Yoga Massage

And this is where my training courses are heading this coming year, I am going to be scheduling dates and we will go deep into the elements and look at how we can use knowledge of this ancient wisdom to structure our Thai Yoga Massage sessions – this is going to take your practice to another level I can be certain of that! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to come and learn Elements with us, these classes are going to be small in numbers so register your interest here. -be the first in the queue for this unique training.