You’ve heard about Thai yoga massage or experienced it for yourself. And now you’re itching to take your first steps in training as a practitioner.

You’re about to start on a very exciting new path, my friend.

And I can’t wait to be your guide.


Because I’ve got to warn you – it WILL happen.

Whether you’re new to bodywork or a current practitioner, what you’re about to learn with me will blow your mind.

Because Thai yoga massage turns Western manual therapy on its head.

This ancient practice is the antidote to the hard work treatments that hurt our bodies and bring mediocre results to our clients.

In Thai bodywork, we respectfully and slowly sink down through each layer of the body – as and when our clients are ready.

Thai yoga massage goes deep without going hard.

What you’ll learn

In this foundational course you’ll:

Learn simple and juicy massage techniques to deliver exquisitely deep healing.

Practise beating, compressions, stretching, rolling, squeezing, thumbing, rubbing and range of motion.

Use elbows, palms, thumbs, feet, knees and forearms to give deep treatments that don’t hurt your own body.

Understand the true history of Thai massage and its Buddhist medicine roots.

Get a grounding in Thai medical theory and anatomy, history and lineage, ethics, and Sen/channel theory.

Learn about Buddhist Element Theory and understand how to work with the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space (and consciousness).

Train in spiritual practices and Reusi Dat Ton (Thai yoga/self care).

How the combination of effective stretches and deep tissue Thai massage techniques affect muscle, fascia, Sen and bone to open, release and effectively work the body on a structural level.

Learn when to use each technique for the most effective results.

Learn from Natasha’s extensive dissection knowledge and start to understand how the human body REALLY works.


I’ve been practising Thai yoga massage for 30 years and teaching incredible practitioners like you since 2005.

I’m a dissection and anatomy geek and love bringing my in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the human body to my training.

I’m also a purist. The Thai yoga massage you learn with me is true therapeutic bodywork, learned in Thailand and based on traditional Buddhist medicine. You won’t find this level of training anywhere else in the UK.


That’s why I offer the most dedicated of my trainees the incredible opportunity to intern with me.

My intern programme is very special and applications are open to those who show real commitment to being the best.

If you’re selected as an intern, you get to repeat your training for FREE. Seeing the techniques and postures repeated, experiencing the lectures again, being able to ask more & different questions, and spending more time with me will cement your understanding at a much deeper level.

PLUS, as my intern, I’ll be demoing all the techniques on you. And I can’t tell you how powerful it is and how much you will learn by having my expert hands on your body. It brings a whole other dimension to your learning.

Deepen your learning as you repeat the training again for free, revisit the theory and have your body worked on by Natasha’s skilled hands.

Having taken the first module and the herbal compress course with Natasha, I can say what a very precious and beautiful space she creates for her students. I am taking the next module this year, and she has also invited me to attend the first module again [as an intern]. Natasha cares deeply about the practice and for her students, and I could not ask more of her course. Really looking forward to it!

Ronald Cheape

Thai yoga massage diploma

Professional certified and accredited qualification


Thai Massage Foundations 1 counts as the first module of my flagship 300 hour specialist bodywork training. So if (or should it be when?) you fall-in love with this practice and want to take it further, you’ll have already completed module 1.

Plus, if you do decide to continue with us, we’ll take the price of this course off your specialist training fee.

Win-win. And win again.

Got more questions?

I’ve got more answers…

When do we start?
The dates of the next Thai Massage Foundations 1 course are:
  • Online training via Zoom  – 2/3/4/5 September 2021 10am – 1pm
  • In-person training – 18/19 September 2021 10am – 5pm – Venue TBC, Brighton, UK
The dates of the next Thai Massage Foundations 2 course are:
  • Online training via Zoom – 7/8/9/10 October 2021 10am – 1pm
  • In-person training – 6/7 November 2021 10am – 5pm – Venue TBC
    Are there any additional training days?

    Additional practice days are added throughout the year at an extra cost.

    This is an invaluable opportunity to get feedback and practice (and receive massage).

    What are the entry requirements?

    No previous bodywork training is required to take this course. Current practitioners of Thai bodywork wanting to deepen their knowledge are also very welcome.

    How do I apply for the intern programme?

    Once you’ve completed this course, you can apply to repeat the training as an intern – as long as there are spaces available. We will carefully consider all applications from students who are serious about deepening their massage practice.

    How to become a thai bodywork professional

    The Thai Bodywork Diploma is a professional, certified qualification recognised by FHT and other bodies, including THAI (international). This diploma and the A & P qualification (see below for more details) enable you to charge for treatments and work professionally. Please do watch this video about us and our approach.

    For those who want to gain the Thai Bodywork Diploma you can either undertake the training on a component basis (this is detailed below) or you can apply for our 300 hour training option:

    1) Take Thai Massage Foundations 1 and Foundations 2 training course.

    2) Complete 35 case studies, write a written project (1-3,000 words) and case study summary.

    3) Take a practical and multiple choice exam and hand in written work (within one year of the course, dates set by LITYM, exam fee is £105). On passing, Students receive Thai Massage & Bodywork Foundation Diploma.

    Alongside this, you need to make sure you have completed 55 hours Anatomy & Physiology to ITEC standard or VCTC level 3 diploma. Please note that this is not a prerequisite for commencing our training courses but does need to be completed prior to being able to work professionally. There are a number of A & P courses available, including online ones and we can help find a suitable option.

    What resources are there available?

    You will receive access to a student portal where you can watch prerecorded videos and all the lessons for each session. You will have access to these for 3 months after each foundation is completed.

    I have another question!

    No problem. Drop me a line here and I’ll be happy to answer it.

    Let’s Do This

    Are you ready for Thai Bodywork to transform your life?

    £2398 (incl VAT)


    12 x instalments of £199.84 (incl VAT)