Welcome to

the Dissected Woman Podcast


Thank you for booking in to be featured on my podcast! I can’t wait to interview you! 

This podcast is about creating change in your life and about seeing your life and your body, your  business, your choices, your potential, all from a new perspective.  

There will be a mix of solo shows and interviews and I will be bringing conversations to you with some  inspiring thought leaders. Now when I say thought leaders, I mean people who think outside of the box,  whatever industry they may be in, and I will be talking to people from a whole range of different  industries who are doing things differently, and who have maybe created a bit of a revolution, or are just  asking such unusual questions that we get to see things from a completely different perspective. 




You don’t need to go out and invest in a special microphone (unless you wanted to anyway!) but please do make sure that you wear earphones for our interview, plugged directly into your computer.  This will make sure the sound quality is the best that it can be. 


If you can, make sure you’re hard wired into your broadband service, especially if your wi-fi connection is temperamental! 


Please ensure you are in a room that is as quiet as possible for our interview. Most background noise can be edited out, but it makes things so much easier if you are in a quiet room with your phone and laptop notifications switched off. 


We will record in Riverside FM. You will be able to join by using the link below. Please ensure that you have downloaded Google Chrome prior to us meeting.


I won’t hit ‘record’ until we’re both ready so we’ll have a few minutes before we start to discuss any last minute things 


The interview will be recorded on Riverside FM on both video and audio file. This means that we will see you in the interview. Dress in something you are comfortable in but remember that it may also be aired on YouTube as well as the audio podcast being on Apple Podcast. 


The interview will feel like a chat and the aim is that we keep it conversational and informal. 

Here are some points you might want to think about in preparation for your interview: 


● Who you are and what you are currently doing in your work

● What my listeners will resonate with and how you can talk about this in a way to make them want to find you after listening to the show. 


After your interview the audio and video will be downloaded and edited.  It will then be uploaded to my podcast host, website and social media channels on a set date.  It may also be shared with my email list and in the media.

I ask that you share your interview on your own website and social channels too to ensure your message reaches as many people as possible.

Prior to publishing I will send you a graphic and soundbite for promotional use across your social platforms. 

If you have any questions or you need anything at all please email me at hello@natashadegrunwald.co.uk with the subject – DISSECTED WOMAN

Looking forward to our interview. 


Your Host

Natasha de Grunwald is a subconscious transformation coach, a mentor, a teacher, a trainer, a  breathwork facilitator and a Mum to a 19 year old daughter. She has been teaching and training and  holding space for people in the wellness industry and the personal growth industry for over 30 years.

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