Gut and better mood

by | May 2, 2018

Is your food going through you quickly? Do you feel generally sluggish or aren’t pooing at least once a day? Is your skin spotty or dry, your energy low, or are you feeling bloated? Do you have abdominal pain or indigestion? If you answered yes to any of these it could be that your gut needs some TLC. Whatever the health of your gut it probably still needs some care and attention. I’ll explain why.

The gut (also known as the ‘enteric nervous system’) runs from the tongue to the anus and includes all the vital organs (oesophagus, spleen, liver, pancreas, kidneys, stomach, gall bladder, intestines) all of which are held in place and surrounded by fascia. The organisation of these organs is so clever and compact, you wouldn’t believe how much important stuff is packed into that small space in your body.

Scientists now know that there are millions of nerves in the gut, much more than in the brain and spinal cord giving it the name ‘Gut Brain’. The belly is a highly intelligent and instinctual part of us, vital for our survival. The millions of nerves in the walls of the digestive tract warn us of danger and give us ‘gut instinct’.

Ever wondered about the butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous or excited? This is your gut giving you messages about your mood. The state of your gut has a huge effect on your how you feel. We have known for years that ‘you are what you eat’, but what has only recently come to light is that your mental health is massively linked to your belly.

There are trillions of bacteria that live in the gut, the good ones help to break down food and are super important for our emotional well-being. The ‘bad’ bacteria can be blamed for the foods we eat and don’t seem to have much control over – the wine, the cheese, the sugar – these bacteria feed off them, maybe even crave them!

I felt a little sluggish/ toxic in early Jan and decided to do something about it, here is what I did:

I did a month long gut cleanse, one that specifically focuses on the microbiome, the community of bacteria in the gut. It might sound like this was hard or unpleasant but it was the opposite. I took a variety of products and supplements (that had been carefully planned out and researched to provide a 3-week programme) that was easy to stick to, no hassle and satisfying.

At the end of it I felt fantastic, I had been sleeping well, healthy glowing skin, huge amounts of energy, a clear mind and calm sense of well-being. The wonderful thing about the cleanse is how enjoyable it was and how easy it has been to stop drinking wine, eating cheese and sugar. Usually the desire for these delicious things are quite noticeable. I also see that I have lost weight and am not bloated.

You can buy your kit here.

So now, with the beginning of Spring I am continuing the self care of my gut by growing Kefir and I highly recommend it. It is inexpensive, needs minimum amount of equipment, takes only 5 minutes per day and will give you all the good bacteria you need to keep your gut healthy. Kefir is packed full of B Vitamins, immune boosting nutrients and has huge amounts of good bacteria to keep you feeling good. You can buy Kefir here.

Caring for your belly through Thai bodywork

Medicinal herbal compresses and a balm made from an ancient recipe are used to massage the belly. It is a long and slow process working from superficial to deep with points often being worked for specific organs and for various digestive complaints.

The treatment is incredibly relaxing to receive but also has therapeutic effects like increasing energy, improving digestive issues, eliminating back pain, improving general well-being, removing toxins, menstrual cramps, posture and much more

If you want to book an abdominal massage please do get in touch 🙂