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Hi, I’m Natasha


Hello, I’m Natasha, a devoted Teacher and Wellness Luminary, investing over four decades in the world of wellbeing. My journey, stretching from a timid child to a bold visionary, is a testament to the power of transformation.

With a wealth of experience in therapeutic bodywork and personal development facilitation, I stand ready to walk alongside you on your unique journey. Together, we’ll rewrite your life’s story, embracing the fullness of your sensuality and power.

If you’re a therapist, coach or healer and want to up-level to achieve the highest standards of efficacy with no strain on your body and a business that nourishes your well-being and bank account the courses with Somatic Rebel Academy will inspire and revolutionise what is possible for you.

The Somatic Rebel Academy

The Somatic Rebel Academy is my training school which has evolved since 2005. I create an uplifting energy and a powerhouse of trainings, retreats and courses for exploring self development, Breathwork, professional training courses and shadow work/games.

I interweave the magical & mystical, the wild and rebellious and integrate this with ancient and modern approaches to science so you can experience epic empowered healing practices and create the business you crave, the relationships of your dreams and the self connection of your deepest desires.

Whether you want to step into your own magic and power or become a practitioner, I have training programmes and courses to ensure you reach your fullest potential and experience JOY along the way.

My two methods for professional diplomas are Toxic Release Method and Soma Health Method. Both are fully accredited and certified.

For personal growth – The Potent Woman and Expansive AF.

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“Every cell in my body is feeling the expansion I’ve created for myself 🌟
I’ve been in a few containers and got so much from each – yours has felt the most fun, interactive, joyful, intense and supportive – literally has changed my life in every possible way”

Sarah Gregory


Bring alchemy, meaning and magic to your life…


Discover your inner leadership, explore what you can create (and where you can let go of control), release your infinite potential and recognise the river of wisdom and genius that our experiences bring.