With the new year upon us the channels are inundated with advice about goal setting, planning, strategies, becoming the new YOU.
Many of you will be feeling ready for more, ready for something different and aren’t yet clear on how to get there and the advice you are coming across is old and tired and not motivating you. You’re uninspired and you know from this place its unlikely much will change.
You might have a master plan, you might have goals, you might even be clear on your why.
You might also be questioning, confused, lacking clarity about the past and how it helps you create your future.
And you might need to hear this today.
In this weeks podcast Natasha is talking about the felt sense/body wisdom and how you can go to the next level by feeling it, by being in it.
She talks about:
•the 3 stages you want to embrace right now to get you to the next level and she guides you through reviewing your year in the most powerful way
•taking time to pause, appreciation, acknowledgement
•how to see the gifts, challenges, lessons were along with the joys, pains, fun and pivotal times.
•how to slow it down and uncover these for your growth
•as the 3rd stage Natasha talks about starting to  create using body wisdom and felt sense awareness to really BECOME the person who is ready for the next level
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