In this weeks Art of Alchemy podcast I talk about ‘How to build resilience”.

Why am I talking about this?

Because I have had to build resilience for myself as a therapist/solopreneur/small business owner so that I can continue to support clients and students, teach and show up for events and work engagements, even when I have been grieving the loss of my dad – and most recently my beautiful sister – in – law.

In this episode I share with you many tips about how to build resilience so you can become your own resource and anchor – this is the most powerful way to create resilience from the inside.

Knowing that we can rely on ourselves is so important when life throws challenges our way.

If you too are a self employed business owner you will know all too well that retreat, taking lots of time off is not always possible or even preferable, so I hope you find this episode extremely valuable .