In this weeks episode I am interviewing Samantha Moyo who is a true visionary, entrepreneur and heart led community builder.

Sam was incredibly influential in the sober raving scene as they started Morningloryville. They then went on to do a TED talk and is now training to become an interfaith minister – studying theology and faiths from Shamanism to Tantra, judaism to christianity and how this has opened her their world locally and globally.

In this episode we talk about:

  • growing a vision and what it takes to believe in the thing youre doing so much that nothing will get in your way
  • self liking over self love
  • how to be a bridge builder between diverse communities and how to grow a community from a YIN approach
  • what it takes to trust your own voice and have confidence in who you are by connecting the heart and mind

About Samantha:
Sam founded and sold Morning Gloryville, the wellness dance movement that spread to 23 cities around the world. This pioneered the now thriving sober industry celebrating it’s 10th year. Named as one of the fastest community builders by Harvard Divinity School, Sam is a 2 x TEDx speaker; board trustee for City to Sea and trainee at the Onespirit Interfaith Foundation. Whether it’s a talk or creative experience, Sam brings incredible joy, laughter and inspiration that often leads to people screaming “F*CK YES”.

From raves to rituals, performances to protests, rural to urban comminities, Sam’s stories inspire, empower and encourage people to live life with more pazazz!

A celebration of imperfection.