In these sessions Natasha infuses ceremonial cacao, the breath and sound, to take you on a magical journey of self-discovery against a soundscape of deeply immersive and eclectic music from her own playlists and also played live.

Through conscious connected breathing, you will realise the healing power of the breathed in energy, learning how to tap into your body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate.

This is a very powerful tool for self exploration, personal and professional development and the healing of repressed or unsolved trauma.

Your experience can help erase the thoughts that create unhappiness and sadness in your lives and replaces it with the spiritual psychology and creative thinking, that improve the quality of your thoughts in order to have a better life.

You can expect to let go of suppressed emotions and feelings, releasing any stress and blocks you may have. You will find you feel energised, your creativity boosted and fundamentally, reset your mind and body on a deep meaningful level to bring ease and pleasure into your life and relationships.

Discovering the incredible power of the breath and how it can transform your life will blow your mind. Fix your breathing and watch your life explode with opportunity and possibility.


Brighton Sessions
Venue: Milligan House, 10 Port Hall Ave, Brighton, BN1 5PL
Cost: £20

 Bookings are open for the following dates:

2nd and 16th May at 7pm
26th May at 4pm
6th June at 7pm
30th June at 4pm
4th and 18th July at 7pm
1st and 15th August at 7pm
5th Sept at 7pm

Sussex Sessions
Venue: Whatlington Village Hall, Battle, TN33 0ND
Cost: £20

 Bookings are open for the following dates:

13th April
18th May
8th June
13th July
17th August