INNER CHILD breathwork


SUNDAY  26TH MAY 1.30PM – 3.00PM

£20 to join us

Before the childhood trauma

Before she learnt how to shut down

Before she learnt to be quiet

Before she learnt to be fearful

She laughed, she played, she was sensitive and aware

She knew herself and didn’t judge herself

Until she was taught she wasn’t good enough

Taught to tone it down

Told off for the slightest thing that she didn’t even realise was wrong

Though the BREATH we can give this child within you a choice

You can speak to her and listen to her

You can connect to her in ways you haven’t been able to before

It’s a liberating experience and will open your eyes to SO much about WHO YOU ARE

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Or join me for this breathwork for £20


A powerful connection to your body and your inner child’s essence

A guided Breathwork to connect you to your younger self – who still exists within you today

Discover the transformation of quantum leaps when you reconnect with your breath, your sense of fun, your childhood experiences and the whole spectrum of your life.

Guided somatic embodiment with a carefully created soundscape and playlist

Integration and community

Connect online with a community of like-minded individuals on a journey forwards of self-healing and personal growth. Experience Natasha’s guidance for self healing through touch and a joyful approach to Somatic tools (with a fabulous and carefully curated playlist) 

“I’ve been on the receiving end of 2 of Natasha’s Breathwork sessions. 4 words covers both times. OUT OF THIS WORLD! I managed to go deeper than I ever have done in a breathwork session before.”

Bronwyn Tuffy
Transformational Coach, Movement Teacher & Writer

Natasha de Grunwald is a published author, international breathwork, trauma and somatic expert. She is the founder of the Toxic Release Method and Seismic Orgasmic experience. 

Based in London and Brighton she travels internationally to facilitate Breathwork events and to teach healing methods for mind, body and soul.  As a powerful speaker and advocate for trauma and Somatic healing she runs events, workshops and retreats along with 1:1 client work. 

With 4 decades of experience as a leader practising and teaching holistic and complimentary therapies her passion and expertise centres around Breathwork, nervous system regulation, trauma healing, Somatic modalities, inner child and shadow work, myofascial touch, ancient healing practices, nutrition and powerful coaching. 

“Truly the most joyful breathe I have ever experienced”

Lyndsey Marriott
Experienced Breathwork Facilitator