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Inspire Club

An exclusive community led by Natasha de Grunwald, a renowned Breathwork, Trauma, and Somatic Healing Expert. Experience breathwork, self-love rituals and  mindfulness practices to support you in daily life.

2 x Monthly Breathwork

Balance and rejuvenation are at the heart of each session, cultivating inner peace and vitality.

Audio Meditations

These meditations offer tranquillity and mental clarity, designed to soothe and strengthen the mind.

Somatic Practices

Through mindful movements, these practices encourage healing & a deeper connection with self.

Community Group

A space for sharing, learning, and growing , where every voice enriches our collective journey.


Experience a variety of healing Breathwork practices to support you in daily life, from Conscious Connected Breathwork journeys to Self Love rituals.

You Deserve It

Learn to navigate your busy life with these breathwork, cultivating a sense of calm and focus that can be achieved anywhere, at any time. This journey into breathwork empowers you to find balance and energy amidst the chaos, all on your own schedule.

Benefits Of Breath.

Improved Sleep Quality.

Integrate breathwork into your routine, supported by research indicating improved sleep quality and heart rate regulation. (Sleep Med Res 2020; 11(2): 108-115.)

Feel Resourced & Empowered.

Adopt breathwork as your ally in navigating life’s challenges. Find strength and resilience within, discovering healthy ways to manage stress and change.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety.

A powerful tool to reduce stress and reshape your life patterns. Experience profound transformations and emotional release with every breath.

Become Calmer & More Focused.

Studies show controlled breathing can improve mental functions. This natural practice boosts concentration & clarity, supporting  mood & cognitive functioning.

Increase Vitality & Energy.

Elevate your energy and well-being through proven breathwork techniques. Embrace practices supported by research for a life filled with vitality and balance.

Connect To Body, Self & Emotions.

Breathwork can quiet the mind and sharpen focus, connecting you to your highest self. Embrace practices that foster calmness and clarity in your life.

'Thank you for a very open and accessible practice, I was surprised how soon I dropped in and how smoothly the time passed.'


'Very relaxing, just feeling into the body and focusing on the breath.'


'What an incredibly powerful experience this was for me. This is important work and I’m so grateful that you are offering this and so safely and beautifully too.'


Affordable & Flexible Membership

To Fit Your Life


Natasha Answers Your


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Breathwork Journey: Common Questions Answered

Are Sessions Recorded?

Yes, every session is recorded. We understand life’s pace, so recorded sessions ensure you never miss your wellness journey. Access them at your leisure.

How often are the Breathwork sessions?

Natasha hosts two dedicated Breathwork sessions each month. They’re crafted to blend seamlessly into your life, offering a space for growth and healing.

How can I interact with others in the community?

Our vibrant WhatsApp community group is here for you. It’s a wonderful place to connect, share, and support each other. A space of warmth and understanding awaits you.

How are the sessions conducted?

Sessions are held on Zoom, offering a virtual sanctuary from the comfort of your home. This platform makes your practice as accessible as possible.

How does the subscription billing work?

Your subscription is automated and will continue until you decide to cancel. It’s seamless, ensuring uninterrupted access to our sessions and community.

What if I have health concerns related to doing breathwork?

Your safety is paramount. Contact us directly with any health concerns. Guidance and support are here for you. All participants must sign a health waiver to ensure well-being.

Is breathwork proven to be beneficial?

Yes, there’s ample research confirming breathwork’s benefits, from stress reduction to improved sleep. Dive into the science, like the sleep study at Sleep Medicine Research, to see the proven effects.