Today’s conversation is with Lucy Rowett a sexologist and intimacy coach. Lucy talks to me about her journey in life with a religious background and navigating chronic illness, shame culture and opening up to learning about sex and sexuality which led her to work with women and people with vulvas.

We have such a juicy conversation about life, sex, embracing sexuality in a way that is right for you all linking back to the question what does your body mean to you.

Today’s episode comes with a trigger warning relating to chronic illness and eating disorders.

Lucy has provided a fabulous free 6 part mini course in sexual communication that you can download here.About Lucy
Lucy Rowett is a sexologist and intimacy coach who is passionate about helping smart, overthinking, highly driven women feel fabulous in their bodies, have epic sex, and feel liberated on all levels by releasing shame and embracing pleasure!


About Natasha:
Natasha de Grunwald is a subconscious transformation coach, a mentor, a teacher, trainer, breathwork facilitator and a Mum to a 19 year old daughter. She has been teaching and training and holding space for people in the wellness industry for over 30 years.

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