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Thai Yoga Massage

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Sacred Health Method

We have Thai massage and bodywork courses, classes and workshops to meet you at every stage of your journey.

If you’re ready for an exciting and fulfilling career as a Thai yoga massage therapist, our 300 hour specialised bodywork training will give you everything you need to practise at the highest level.

If you’d like to take it one step at a time, Thai Massage Foundations Diploma is the first stage in your learning journey.

And if you’re looking to try Thai bodywork and get an idea of what training with Natasha feels like, our Herbal Compress Introduction Workshop is your perfect entry point.

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Thai Yoga Massage

Herbal Compress Introduction Workshop

Learn how to make and use nurturing herbal compresses and explore the therapeutic properties of herbs and roots. You’ll also practice juicy hands-on techniques and learn about Thai anatomy and Thai medicine.

300 Hour
Specialist Bodywork Training

Become the best in your field, with our signature 300 hour professional training programme. This is a course you won’t find anywhere else in the UK, showing you how to go deeper on every level with Thai bodywork.

Thai Massage Foundation Diploma

Learn simple and effective massage techniques & basic Thai anatomy in our foundational course. You’ll also learn new positions, compressions and stretches to deepen your knowledge of Thai bodywork.

Advanced Thai Bodywork Diploma

Learn traditional core release and ancient Lanna practices, using scarves and scraping tools. Work the spine, cardiovascular and nervous systems with targeted therapeutic stretches and healing arts techniques.

Wellness Success System

Increase your income and impact in your yoga, wellness or therapy business with the Wellness Success System. Learn how to get your unique message out in the world, using your voice, your skills and your story to gain a loyal client base.

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Sacred Health Method

Sacred Health Advanced Practitioner Certificate

Sacred Health Advanced Practitioner Certificate

Double your impact (and your income) with this revolutionary 6-month advanced practitioner training.

Combine spirit medicine, light touch activation (LTA), energy recalibration, connectivity theory and sacred healing tools to deliver ground-breaking healing to clients.

Learn how to work with bodies online and establish a global practice with this cutting-edge therapy.

Sacred Health - 4 trimesters & beyond

Sacred Health - 4 trimesters & beyond

Are you ready to awaken your divine inner leader & take your healing practice beyond the fourth trimester?

Sacred Health – 4 Trimesters & Beyond is an online 10-week programme for hypno-birthers, doulas, massage therapists, or midwives wanting to expand their skill set and work with families beyond the fourth trimester.

This programme welcomes cis women, trans women, and non-binary people who feel called to work with and heal mothers and families.

Sacred Health is transformative. Halfway into the course, I can feel the shift. A change is taking place that is branching out into all aspects of my life. My business is shifting, not just because of the new massage techniques I’ve learned, but because I am learning and growing as a human being. I am finding new confidence to steer my business and my life in exciting directions. I am learning to be the person who owns, runs, and creates a business and life the way I choose.

We are learning beneficial light-touch bodywork, self-help tools and techniques and so much more. We challenge ourselves and Natasha has a dynamic way of encouraging, pushing, and holding us accountable while allowing us to grow into ourselves. There is no playing small in this course. If you join, you will be pushed and pulled and stretched. You will think outside of your previous box. You will grow and find yourself in uncharted and sometimes uncomfortable places and you will also be held in a safe container for experimentation while you unfold.

Is the investment worth it? Yes. Are you ready to invest in yourself? Do it!

Liz Kris