Sacred Health
4 trimesters & beyond*

* This programme welcomes cis women, trans women, and non-binary people who feel called to work with and heal mothers and families.

Sacred Health 4 Trimesters & Beyond is open to any existing therapist who wishes to take their practice past the fourth trimester and step into the empowered healer that they are.

Online 3 month practitioner training starting April 2022


You love the work that you do with mothers as a professional hypno-birther, doula, massage therapist, or midwife. 

But you hate that your time with them ends soon after their babies are born. 

Especially when you’ve built up such a special relationship and you know how much support the entire family will continue to need in the future.

Take your healing practice beyond the fourth trimester

What would it mean for your clients if you had the skill set to help womxn and their families in the long term? 

To be the person they turn to again and again for mind, body and soul healing?

And what would it mean for your business if you could step off the conveyor belt of new client, after new client after new client?

Does this sound like you right now?

You believe supporting mothers and children is key to creating a better world. You feel called to this healing work.

You know so many families need support way beyond pregnancy. But your current skill set runs out not long after their babies are born.

You’re exhausted from the constant search for new clients. Once your clients have delivered, you’re straight back to the grind of hoping for referrals and hustling for business.

You’re forever on a financial roller coaster. The ebb and flow of clients is hurting your bank account. This ride isn’t any fun and you want to get off.

You feel like you’re drowning in a saturated market. Everywhere you look you see people doing the same thing as you. You want to stand out and you’re SO ready to shine.

Ready to be a new kind of leader in the wellness space?

You and I both know something else is required of us after this transformative year.

It’s going to take divine feminine intervention to create a better, healthier, more sustainable world.

And nurtured mothers and thriving families are our best hope for our planet’s future.




Increase your impact beyond the fourth trimester.

Be the go-to practitioner for mums, dads, babies, toddlers and teens.

Expand into a higher level of healing with Light Touch Activation techniques (LTA)*

Go deep into traditional womxn's healthcare practices.

Work with fascia, lymphatics and breathing for pain relief.

Mix and use ancient herbal formulas.

Deliver enhanced pregnancy massage with herbal steam-heated compresses.

Teach partners healing techniques for birth and beyond.

Help with mastitis, back pain and PSD.

Advise parents dealing with a colicky baby.

Teach massage techniques to clients so partners can treat mothers during pregnancy and labour.

Learn techniques to help with anxiety, digestive issues and lymphatics.

Treat bad backs with LTA sacrum techniques.

Learn about yoni steams, smokes and grilling beds.

Give guidance on menstruation, perimenopause and menopause.

Stand out as the leader and empowered matriarch you were born to be.

*LTA is all about working with the body’s spiral patterns to activate the fascial communication network, lymph and dermatomes. It’s safe, effective and incredibly gentle.

Hi, I’m Natasha (she/her)

I am an author, practitioner and trailblazing teacher of the Sacred Health Method. 

Everything I have learned – whether from shamans in Thailand, midwives on the Burnese border or teachers from Serbia to New York to Scotland – I have fully embodied before sharing with you.  

I pour all of my knowledge from the dissection lab and the coaches, healers and incredible humans who have taught me over the past 30 years into my Sacred Health Method training programmes. My methodology always includes seeking our own inner truths to be able to serve, guide, and lead others beautifully.

I carry the blood of witches in my veins and am blessed to be mother to an incredibly wise daughter. I have been supported on my path by wonderful womxn – including my own family, the radical midwife who delivered my daughter, and my strong sisterhood community.

My journey has weaved its way through grief, loss, trauma, fear, death and birth. And each intricate experience has empowered me to rise – sometimes slowly out of the ashes and at other times with a fire that transformed my life in an instant.

My truth-seeking nature and my dedication to rising up, connecting and empowering heart-led leaders with practical, energetic and physical tools has created this revolutionary programme. 

I can’t wait to see you transform into the warrior and magician you were destined to become.

Transform yourself

You’re ready to explore the deepest parts of your soul to transform your own life and those of the womxn, babies and families you’re called to serve. And you’re feeling all the tingles about the possibilities of a new paradigm. 

You’re looking to make deep, lasting change in yourself. And you’ve been searching for the secret ingredient to really take your personal growth and business to the next level. 

Well, your search is over. Here’s where you honour your own truth, release the limiting beliefs holding you back and embrace your own divine leadership.

Sacred Health is transformative. Halfway into the course, I can feel the shift. A change is taking place that is branching out into all aspects of my life. My business is shifting, not just because of the new massage techniques I’ve learned, but because I am learning and growing as a human being. I am finding new confidence to steer my business and my life in exciting directions. I am learning to be the person who owns, runs, and creates a business and life the way I choose.

We are learning beneficial light-touch bodywork, self-help tools and techniques and so much more. We challenge ourselves and Natasha has a dynamic way of encouraging, pushing, and holding us accountable while allowing us to grow into ourselves. There is no playing small in this course. If you join, you will be pushed and pulled and stretched. You will think outside of your previous box. You will grow and find yourself in uncharted and sometimes uncomfortable places and you will also be held in a safe container for experimentation while you unfold.

Is the investment worth it? Yes. Are you ready to invest in yourself? Do it!

Liz Kris

Transform your business

You’re ready to create a business that truly reflects your soul. One that allows you to make and maintain strong relationships with your brilliant clients for years rather than months.

You want a business that nourishes you as well as the womxn you serve. A business that fulfills you – but doesn’t leave you so depleted.

The techniques you learn will allow you to work side by side with the families you support for years to come. And your transformed mindset will take you out of the hard slog and into a more easeful, joyful way to run your business.

I can not recommend enough the Thai Medicine for The Four Trimester course with Natasha de Grunwald. The knowledge and information that was shared on the course was incredible and gave me so much self-assurance as a practitioner to be able to support pregnant clients through their stages of pregnancy and postpartum with confidence. Natasha has extensively researched and embodied this knowledge through not only her personal experiences with her own practice but through her travels to Thailand studying and seeking wisdom from village midwives and herbalists who generously shared their expertise with her. In turn, Natasha has kindly and generously shared this within her incredible course. 

Charlie Nash

Transform the world

I believe that our planet’s future starts with how we look after the mothers of this world. When mothers are healthy and nurtured, they can raise healthy, nurtured children who can make our world a better place.

Western society has lost the knowledge, wisdom and power of womxn coming together to share the healing and knowledge required for this future. 

Joining this programme means joining a powerful womxn’s healing circle. And my hope is that you’ll pass on the skills and techniques you learn to help transform the world one family at a time.

What you’ll learn

We’ll meet online regularly for 3 months starting April 2022. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Orientation week: Womxn supporting womxn

We start with an introduction and sacred preparation time.

You’ll learn about hydration and be given formulas for your own health to ensure you are radiating light into every cell of your body. You will learn about your bodies as vessels for healing, the core and the uterus. You’ll also be given resources to learn from, an exclusive reading list and meet the other womxn in our circle who’ll be sharing this transformative journey with you.
If that wasn’t enough, you will also be attending lessons with three of our expert guest teachers.
Guest teacher Ana Barretxeguren will be speaking on the link between breath and the menstrual cycle and the relationships between fluid breath and the pelvis. 
Guest teacher Saveria will be guiding you through an EFT session (emotional freedom technique) to help you shift blocks. 
And guest teacher Aine Homer will teach you about the red flags for and the underlying causes of reflux/colic.


Week 1: Womxn who rise

We’ll cover birth talk, witch wounds, the goddess, telesmic angel archetypes and mindset. We’ll look at what it takes to rise to this next level of leadership, what our world needs right now and how you can embody it. We’ll start to cover hands-on fascial release treatments that you can use with clients no matter what age or gender and ancient massage techniques for the 1st trimester. 

Guest teacher Jennie Harrison will teach on the energetics of birth trauma, how generational energetic programming can impact a mother’s risk of birth trauma, and how to prevent birth trauma from taking place.

Week 2: Archetypes & the female body

You’ll learn about your own internal archetypes and understand how to take them from shadow to illumination so that you can help your clients do the same. You’ll learn how to safely use steam heated herbal compresses to massage the pregnant womxn and be given an exclusive, ancient healing womxn’s formula. We will continue working with mindset and looking at womxn’s power.

 We will look at traditional practices for young womxn starting menarche using herbal steams and infusions. 

 Week 3: Pregnancy and life force

You’ll be learning a combination of ancient and modern healing techniques for pregnancy – including healing wisdom, the use of herbs, physiology, massage, the elements, and Light Touch Activation. You will be learning about life force energy, spirit medicine, nourishment and sleep. 

Expert guest teacher Rhianne Jones will be giving a lecture on nutrition and herbs to support menopause and peri-menopause and we will look at incredible supportive practices for womxn at this powerful stage of their lives.


We’ll continue looking at pregnancy, focusing on how traditional healing wisdom, herbs, physiology, elements, and Light Touch Activation can be used in the last trimesters and to ease restriction of breath and anxiety. Additionally you will learn how to work hands-on with babies, especially  to help with colic and reflux.

Guest teacher Alex Heath will teach the neurobiology of birth. 

Week 5: 4th trimester & TAKING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE

You’ll learn to heal the postpartum body with ancient female wisdom and traditional practices using claypots and dry herbs for healing and nourishing. You’ll learn how to guide parents to do the colic work on their babies as an online solution – giving remote support to parents dealing with this very stressful condition.


You’ll learn treatments for young children experiencing the stress of long term bedwetting.  Safety, ethics, legalities and creating an impactful business.


We’ll look at womxnhood in all its forms: the maiden, the priestess, the divine feminine, the goddess, and the empowered womxn. You’ll also be learning about treatments for perimenopause and menopause. How to massage to nourish a womxn’s essence to create vitality and next level well-being.


We will be coming together for a light body activation. We will connect to our own Telesmic angels. We will finish with a powerful Meditation – to bring awareness to brain, heart, gut and vulva – 4 brains.

Your Guest Teachers

Ana Barretxeguren (she/her) is a movement educator, Pilates teacher and myofascial release practitioner. Ana lives with Catamenial Pneumothorax, a rare condition where a woman suffers repeated lung collapses during menstruation. Ana will be teaching on the link between breath and the menstrual cycle.

Jennie Harrison (she/her) is a Birth Trauma Specialist, Energy Healer & Teacher and Transformation Coach. She teaches Birth & Baby Professionals about the energetics of birth trauma, and how to offer healing to clients.

Alex Heath (she/her) is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and birth doula. She is committed to helping mums and dads experience the best birth possible and will be teaching about the neurobiology of birth and how this relates to trauma.

Aine Homer (she/her) is The Baby Reflux Lady – and she’s on a mission to eradicate baby reflux. She will be teaching about colic and reflux, what they really are and the red flags to look out for.

Saveria Freedom (she/her) is a Book and Business Doula. She helps women to solve the emotional issues and blocks they have in some or all areas of their lives – personal, business, writing – and to ‘Feel the Freedom’, so that they can birth their true selves, their blissful businesses and their books.

I started studying the Sacred Health course with Natasha in September and it has been such a journey already. I have learnt so much about myself, my business and about a whole new modality. One of my favourite aspects has been learning Bowen, there is such a thrill to applying new skills and seeing incredible results, having faith in something new that you don’t entirely understand. I also love exploring meditation, delving into my past to unlock my future and dancing, laughing and crying with my new course buddies. I feel positive about the future and know that I am setting a new course for myself and my business. It’s not always easy especially with so many other things to juggle but I know the hard work will be totally worth it.

N Wingfield

SACRED HEALTH – 4 trimesters & beyond

What you’ll receive

3 month Sacred Health 4 Trimesters & Beyond programme

Live lessons each day plus additional guest teacher lectures

Specialist lectures from 6 guest teachers – all experts in their field

Comprehensive workbooks to deepen your understanding

Recordings of all teaching sessions to replay and consolidate your learning

Full-moon closing circle

Facebook group for support and community of peer practitioners

Your sacred bonuses…


Earth and water meditation


Self love meditation

The dates of the next Sacred Health 4 Trimesters & Beyond programme are:

Start date for the 14 days of orientation – 2nd April 2022

Start date for lessons – 23rd April 2022

Dates for the 6 weekly sessions – 30th April, 6/14 May, 4/12 June


Upgrade to VIP

Receive all of the above PLUS:

3 months of Voxer support from Natasha – my guidance and advice whenever you need it

6-week Wellness Success System to help you with the business side of running an online business. This accelerator will take you through everything from marketing and finding ideal clients to promoting yourself on social media. (Value £597)

6 weeks of Reusi Datton videos (ancient self-care stretching, breath and self massage) (Value £1200)

Got questions?

I have answers

Do I have to be a woman to join?

If these practices and this work calls to you, please know that you are very welcome to join us whether you’re a cis woman, trans woman, or non binary person.

When does the programme start?

The next course starts in April 2022:

  • Start date for the 14 days of orientation – 2nd April 2022
  • Start date for lessons – 23rd April 2022
  • Dates for the 6 weekly sessions – 30th April, 6/14 May, 4/12 June
How long do I get access to the course materials?

You’ll have access to all the resources for 6 months after the programme has finished.

What happens if I can’t make the live trainings?

Everything is recorded, so if you miss the occasional training you can catch up. But I really recommend you attend live wherever you can. Committing the time and space to be fully present in the programme is an important part of this life-changing programme.

What’s the time commitment like?

After the orientation period we’ll meet for a full-day’s training (10am-2pm GMT) for 7 weeks.

What do I need to prepare?

Our first month together is orientation. I’ll give you everything you need to get started then.

Any other questions?

Drop me a line here and I’ll be happy to answer them.