Reconnect with Pleasure with The SEISMIC ORGASMIC BREATH Workshop

Ready to Reclaim Your Eros Energy and Discover Breath Bliss?

Welcome to a blissful realm where limits are shattered, and your true self emerges. Prepare to be guided on an audacious expedition that promises transformation like no other!

Are you ready to dive deep into the uncharted territories of breath, sensuality, and boundless pleasure, all in an environment that’s as safe as it is revolutionary?

Our Seismic Orgasmic Breath (SOB) workshop is for adventurous individuals of all genders and ages (21+), aflame with a hunger for personal growth and exploration, and eager to rekindle the eros energy, your primal life-force, bubbling from the depths of your pelvis and core. This energy, in its essence, is a long-forgotten potency that electrifies your being with sensual vitality. If any of those checkboxes set your soul on fire, this journey is for you.

What Makes SOB Unapologetically Different?

Sensual Liberation: We’re here to set your senses on fire, rekindle your sensuality, and elevate your pleasure game to celestial heights. We’re claiming energetic whole body bliss.

Guided by Experienced and Edgy Pioneers: Safety is our top priority. We have an experienced team offering unwavering support, including personalised 1:1 sessions, ensuring you thrive and feel held with gentle guidance.

Frequency Magic: Immerse yourself in a world of curated playlists, featuring frequency sounds that amplify release and pleasure, setting the stage for your seismic transformation.

Ready to Reclaim Your Pleasure?

Seizing this moment is your key to unlocking a world of empowerment and healing.

The Seismic Orgasmic Breath workshop, an audacious 2 hour odyssey, commences with a liberating dance that fearlessly unlocks your body’s joy and vitality.

Natasha passionately delves into the theme, sharing its profound personal significance and highlighting its vital role in fostering your self-connection and healing. She masterfully creates the safe container for you all to be held in as you embark on this magnificent transformative journey. The breathwork experience connects you to the immense potential of this voyage.

We conclude with a soul-nourishing sharing session, complemented by herbal teas and delectable treats, adding to the overall magnificence of this experience.

“I’ve been on the receiving end of 2 of Natasha’s Breathwork sessions. 4 words covers both times. OUT OF THIS WORLD! I managed to go deeper than I ever have done in a breathwork session before.”

Bronwyn Tuffy
Transformational Coach, Movement Teacher & Writer

The Generational Liberation

For generations, sex and shame have been entangled, a toxic lineage passed down. It’s time to break that chain and celebrate our pleasure without guilt. This is the Generational Liberation. This is the moment we rise, and start to release ourselves from the past.

Disconnected From Pleasure?

Let’s Rewire Your Brain.

When you’re disconnected from pleasure, your brain becomes a battleground of self-doubt and shame.

It’s time to rewire that circuitry.

Our workshop is a guided journey, a sanctuary where you’ll navigate the depths of your sensuality without judgement. We’ll guide you through the intricate path of personal exploration, embracing the inevitable ebbs and flows. Trust in the breath as your companion, and feel the potent eros energy coursing through, igniting your path to transformation.

Is This Workshop for You?

You feel disconnected from your body.

Past abuse or negative sexual experiences have left you feeling ashamed of pleasure.

You’ve struggled with a lack of confidence.

You’ve experienced difficulty in achieving pleasure and releasing shame.

You’ve felt trapped in your own thoughts, unable to relax and trust.

You’ve been through toxic relationships that left scars.

You’ve battled self-loathing and body image issues.

You’re prepared to deepen your connection with your own body and pleasure on an extraordinary level.

You’re intrigued by the profound potential of the breath to induce seismic orgasmic sensations.

You grapple with fear surrounding your sensuality and sexuality.

“Thank you for 2 of the most powerful breathwork sessions I’ve experienced. Not sure I’ve ever felt that grounded in my body. My whole body was pulsating, alive and then the snakes came. The invitation to claim who I have always been, afraid to be seen in all of my power and magic.”

Amy Simpson

Heal, Transform, Awaken

In a world drenched in judgement and shrouded in sensuality and sexuality shame, we grasp the profound pain points many bear. Negative experiences and abuse have veiled the exquisite beauty of pleasure, making it seem forbidden and elusive. It’s time to shatter these chains and dive into the extraordinary.

Our workshop creates a safe haven, guided by a trauma-informed leader. Here, you shed the weight of the past, heal, and unapologetically reignite the pleasure that’s inherently yours.

Meet the Team

We have an experienced team offering unwavering support, including personalised 1:1 sessions, ensuring you thrive and feel held with gentle guidance.


Amanda is trauma-informed, by her own lived experiences and those as a registered mental health professional. Her heart is wide open to give and receive unconditional love and acceptance, in her work as a practitioner, guide, and mentor supporting people to gain clarity and liminal connections through their unique experience of trauma, or loss of innocence. Her ethical and highly attuned intuitive approach supports you to connect, shift and grow organically from overthinking or hypervigilance into a secure mind-body experience for full being awareness.

Amanda offers inclusive individual, couples, and group support for those who are feeling lost or out of balance through lived experiences including changes through childhood, becoming an adult, partner, or parent, and life changing events such as an accident or illness, childbirth, endings, or transitions in relationships. Visit for more information.


A Conscious Connected Breath facilitator, Reiki practitioner, and Therapeutic Thai Massage student, Gabriella loves supporting others on their journey of transformation and growth.

Gabriella fundamentally believes that we do not need to be fixed to start creating the life we desire, to start living our purpose, and to welcome a life full of health, happiness, and connection. All sessions and practices are intuition and energy informed and tailored to combine the power of our breath with conscious connection and other embodiment practices.

Gabriella’s passion is creating open and loving spaces where people connect in their full humanity, inspire and realise their greatness. Gabriella loves supporting people to reconnect with their inner wisdom, integrity, and radiance, to become the creative force in their life. Visit for more information.

Natasha: Your Fearless Guide

Meet Natasha, a pioneer with over four decades of experience in the realm of wellbeing. A published author, she embarked on her journey as a sensitive child who saw the world differently. Her path was far from easy, marked by sexual abuse, personal struggles and hardships, but this only fueled her relentless quest for healing and self-discovery.

Natasha’s story isn’t just a tale; it’s a testament to the power of transformation. Her journey from self-doubt to sexual liberation and self-confidence is a beacon of hope. She’s here to guide you through the same path of empowerment and self-love.

“I cannot recommend Natasha de Grunwald highly enough – both as a Breathwork Facilitator and as a GamePlaying Coach. Having worked with her for almost a year, I can truly testify to her wisdom kindness and fun.”

Ben Beaumont

Explore Your Seismic Orgasmic Breath

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with you.

Natasha’s journey, a testament to our dedication to healing and self-discovery, has paved the way for this unique workshop.

As a teenager Natasha was sexually and physically abused by her first boyfriend. For an extended period, she lived in a state of disconnection from the sensations within her body. Touch was devoid of feeling, pleasure had been tainted, rendered guilty by the suffocating presence of shame, and her confidence was a distant memory.

Over the course of the following three decades, she dedicated herself to navigating her inner pain. She sought guidance and wisdom from a diverse array of healers, shamans, therapists, and coaches hailing from every corner of the globe. Through this profound exploration, She not only discovered more about herself but also honed the art of facilitating healing for others on a global scale.

Natasha’s unique blend of personal history, sensitivity, and skills allowed her to be a source of solace and strength. SOB is a powerful opportunity to heal, expand, release shame, and liberate yourself from generational narratives entwining sex and pleasure.

This is your moment to rise, liberate, and break free from the weight of the past. Embrace your inner strength, claim your sensuality, and embark on an incredible journey within yourself.

Embrace your inner strength, claim your sensuality, and embark on an incredible journey within yourself.

“Truly the most joyful breathe I have ever experienced”

Lyndsey Marriott
Experienced Breathwork Facilitator