Sniff Medicine

Exquisitely crafted, sublime alchemy of potent herbs to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health

A new generation of sensory enhancing botanical herbs combined to create an alchemical explosion for you to experience a shift in mood, focus, and access higher consciousness.

Herbs are usually ingested orally and travel down the digestive tract to be absorbed and dispersed to heal the body.  

It is very rare that we find a pathway to allow herbs to travel upwards to the head and which permeate the blood/brain barrier.  

This is where the Sniff medicine comes into its own and might explain why it is so potent for the breath, the nervous system, respiration, energy and mood.

Sniff Medicine Natasha de Grunwald
Natasha de Grunwald Sniff Medicine

This ancient recipe, originally from Shamans in Thailand, has been tweaked and refined over the past 8 years adding some more magic and alchemy along the way.

This ancient remedy has been used for:


Respiratory Conditions


Brain fog

Balance of the Mind, Body & Soul




Calms & Energises the Nervous System bringing balance

Natasha de Grunwald Sniff Medicine

The jars will last you years (ripening with age) as long as you keep the lid on, open and sniff and then replace the lid.

The jar will dry over time – do not worry this is a natural part of the ripening process and will not affect the potency of the herbs.

The ingredients are all natural. It is handmade by Natasha De Grunwald.

Do not use on skin – this is a medicine for smelling only.

One large jar is £45 and 2 small jars are £53. Postage is within the UK is £10.

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