Are you a hands-on therapist looking for a better way to heal the world?

You’d love to double your impact (and your income) delivering mind-blowing treatments to twice as many clients.

But your current business model has zero room for manoeuvre.

(Let’s face it, there’s barely enough time for sleep).

What if I told you there’s another way to deliver incredible results to your clients? One that means less work and more joy?

Soma Health – online 6-month advanced practitioner training

It’s time to do things very, very differently

Honestly, you and I both know the traditional therapy model is way out of date. It’s all hard work and long hours for little satisfaction or income. This really isn’t the life you dreamed of…

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar to you?

You're stuck in the time-for-money trap.

You’re forever trying to squeeze in more & more clients to pay the bills. And so you end up doing crazy-long hours and feeling exhausted.

You're working way too hard.

You’re stuck pressing harder when clients ask you to go ‘as deep as you like’. Your body is tired and you’re close to burnout from the intense physicality of the treatments you’re delivering.

You're frustrated with your current modality.

Your current specialism only lets you get so far with clients. You long to have a whole range of modalities at your fingertips so you can have incredible impact.

You're bored to tears from delivering the same old treatments.

Every day in the treatment room feels exactly the same. You find yourself delivering the same therapies you’ve done a million times already. Your intellect is screaming for something more challenging.

Coronavirus impacted your business. You never want to be in that position again.

Not being able to work face to face hurt your income and made you fear for your future.

You're struggling to bring your business online.

You see others in your field working virtually but you don’t even know where to start. You’re not sure how to deliver treatment online, let alone how to set yourself up and market yourself in the online space.

You're heavily into anatomy.

You’re an anatomy geek and you’re obsessed with the miraculous and intricate workings of these amazing bodies of ours. The idea of learning how to work with the fascial layers, dermatomes, lymphatics and postural alignment gives you all the thrills.

You're intrigued by the 'woo'.

You’re seriously excited by the idea of integrating spirit medicine and energetics into your manual therapy.

You're oh-so ready for a change.

You are feeling called to start doing, seeing and living things very, very differently.

Follow the call

Our world had a seismic shift. You know in your heart that many, many more people are crying out for skilled healers to help them through the aftershock.

It’s your time to step up and serve the vast number of people who need you.

But it’s going to take a deeper, more holistic, higher level of healing than you’ve been providing up to now.

It’s going to take doing things in vastly different, utterly exciting ways.

If ever there was a time to shine and be a true maverick, it’s now!


Sacred Health Advanced Certification

An online 6-month advanced practitioner training allowing you to:

Help clients with their health even when you’re not in the physical space with them

Upgrade your profit and revenue – double or triple your daily income as you scale your business, effortlessly
Increase your impact – become the go-to person for all manner of wellbeing problems and transcend the scale of your current treatments
Expand into a higher level of healing using spirit medicine and Light touch activation tools (LTA)
Learn unique, ancient, sacred healing tools
Go deep into energy, body, mind, cell and soul connectivity and how to channel this into transformative treatments
Understand how to work with fascia, dermatomes, lymphatics and postural alignment (for starters)
Ditch the hard-work treatments forever and see even better results
Gain new clients and watch your reputation ascend to new levels whilst your business grows organically
Have the flexibility of an online business that will see you through any future disruptions to your brick and mortar practice
Stand out as a leading-edge practitioner with a revolutionary practice and unsurpassed skills
Have global reach – work with clients anywhere in the world

All of this delicious, expansive freedom is waiting for you on the other side of same-old land.

But to get there, there are 5 things I need you to know first…

You - yes, YOU - absolutely CAN work with bodies online

With the right tools, you can deliver incredible treatments to your clients completely online. You just need to learn new ways of working, a new perspective and have the expanded know-how.

Focusing ONLY on the physical body is what's been wearing you out

Most practitioners treat the physical body by working on the (no surprises here) physical body. But there is another way to treat clients that’s way more powerful and way more profound. The Soma Health Method elevates the impact for your clients while reducing the strain on you. No more feeling exhausted by the end of the day. No more sore back, sore shoulders and RSI.

Doing what you love can (and absolutely should) also bring you an INCREDIBLE income

I know you care deeply about what you do, and your main motivation is to help people. But somewhere along the line you also took on board the false idea that therapists can’t even make a good living, let alone a downright incredible living. And that’s just not true. You can deliver amazing outcomes for your clients AND make the kind of income that will have you pinching yourself in disbelief.

Sticking to your specialism has been holding you back

You love your modality but you know its limitations and you’re more than a teeny bit bored of doing the same things over and over. Aren’t you ready to break free from the restraints and labels that hold you back? How would it feel to release the shackles of calling yourself purely a ‘massage therapist’, ‘osteopath’, ‘aromatherapist’ or ‘physiotherapist’?

You don't HAVE to choose between Western, Eastern and spiritual practices

This false dichotomy of either/or has been holding so many healers back for way too long. We no longer have to pick a ‘side’ and defend it to the hilt. Soma Health blends the most potent parts of each discipline into the most powerful, effective and responsive therapy your clients will ever receive.

Ready to expand into freedom in all areas of your work and life?

Hi I’m Natasha

I am an author, practitioner and trailblazing teacher in the world of well-being. And I have been running my own successful practice for 30 years, online and in person.

I work with conscious, maverick practitioners who are ready to

upgrade their skills and be known for profound treatments

have magical and exciting therapeutic tools at their fingertips

increase their income and impact exponentially.

I have a reputation as the ‘bad girl of bodywork’. And I am owning that title because I know that it comes from shaking up the industry, and challenging the norm.

There is NOTHING vanilla about what I do!

I am a self-confessed anatomy geek and Somanaut. You can often find me in a cadaver lab, exploring inner space to learn about the micro and macro of the body.

My speciality is combining spirit medicine, the ancient healing arts and modern western complementary medicine techniques for fascial architecture.

I started my own journey of personal growth 30 years ago. It took me across many continents and awoke a passionate quest for more ways to heal hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

I have spent the past three decades travelling from New York to New Zealand, and from Serbia and Thailand, to learn from healers, teachers, shamans and anatomists hunting for gold.

It’s my mission to create mind-blowing programmes and experiences for an awesome community of like-minded and dedicated practitioners who want to be at the leading edge.

Take a moment to imagine…

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a life where you ONLY work the hours that feel good to you.

Breathe into the pleasure you feel while you confidently and expertly treat clients online and in person.

Feel for a moment how incredible it is to be fully in the flow of your life.

Imagine how it feels when you’re radiating the freedom and spaciousness of abundance and financial ease throughout your entire being.

This is your path to freedom

The Soma Health path is designed to be deeply soulful and enlightening for YOU.

When you are aligned and living by your true values, you become a vessel for receiving abundance.

You’re going to ditch the burnout and swap it for uplifting, confident, inspired empowerment.

It’s from this place you’ll be stepping into true leadership and freedom.

I started studying the Soma Health course with Natasha in September and it has been such a journey already. I have learnt so much about myself, my business and about a whole new modality.

One of my favourite aspects has been learning Bowen, there is such a thrill to applying new skills and seeing incredible results, having faith in something new that you don’t entirely understand.

I also love exploring meditation, delving into my past to unlock my future and dancing, laughing and crying with my new course buddies.

I feel positive about the future and know that I am setting a new course for myself and my business. It’s not always easy especially with so many other things to juggle but I know the hard work will be totally worth it.”

The 7 gifts of Soma Health

As well as bringing amazing results to your clients, life as a Soma Health practitioner brings YOU seven wonderful gifts:


As an integrated, transformational therapist you are truly free. You’ll be able to cross countries or continents without losing your client base.


Free from the time-for-money trap, you’ll enjoy financial freedom and joy with a doubled daily income.


You’ll be building long-lasting relationships with a loyal client base of dreamboat clients. No more building your list from scratch or taking on clients who aren’t quite right just to pay the bills.


Clients will fall in-love with your techniques and become your biggest fans. They’ll help you build a towering reputation because they won’t be able to stop talking about your incredible, unique way of working.


Imagine a feeling of spaciousness in your work. Imagine navigating life after lockdown and feeling in flow, knowing it’s possible to experience peace, fulfilment and satisfaction at the very core of your being.


It’s time to say goodbye to feeling utterly exhausted at the end of each day. Your Soma Health therapy practice will nourish you in every single way (energy, body, mind and soul). You’ll experience health and energy levels you haven’t felt since your twenties.


No more waiting. You’ll recover the time to do all those things you’ve been too busy to do until now. Life is for living.

“I enrolled on the Soma Health training because I realised that I needed new tools to allow for the evolution of my business in light of our socially distanced times and because I wanted to develop my practice by growing my offering with light touch treatments. At this time, when hard work is the best work, beating the virus is the solution etc, I felt that gentler, more compassionate healing was called for, and this is exactly what this course is furnishing me with. Natasha creates a safe space where every bit of ourselves is welcome – we can go deep and receive deeply. This has created a very special bond between all of us in which our vulnerabilities are welcome.”

The 10 pillars of Soma Health

Now, let’s go deep into the powerful practices of Soma Health. You’ll master all 10 of these pillars during the 6-month programme:

Radical Regeneration

When you channel the subconscious mind and the senses, you’ll activate the most powerful healing within your clients. By engaging mind, body and emotions together, you’ll deliver treatments that have a much greater impact. You’ll also use your senses to gather more accurate information about what your clients really need help with.

Energy recalibration

You’ll learn to engage the 8 natural energy centres of the body (chakras) to create profound healing connections between the heart, mind and the gut, or third, brain.

Connectivity theory

You’ll gain a deep understanding of connectivity and continuity within the body. You’ll learn the anatomy of highly intelligent fascia, the five aspects of the physical body and the connection between mind, body and soul. Allowing you to deliver healing at a level you’ve never experienced before.

Light touch activation (LTA)

Working with the body’s spiral patterns, you’ll learn safe, effective and incredibly gentle tools to activate the fascial communication network, lymph and dermatomes (areas of skin connected to a single spinal nerve). No more hard-work treatments. LTA will revolutionise your practice.

Quantum integration

Using sacred incantations, visualisation, meditation, breathwork and whole-body release techniques, you’ll create abundant well being in your clients – and in yourself.

Spirit medicine

You’ll learn how to use transformative, sacred-healing bodywork tools to bring incredible results to your clients.

Self healing

You’ll have the tools to teach your patients to move and heal between sessions. You’ll learn to release and expand your own skills for self healing too.

Vibration healing

Everything has a frequency, a vibration, a resonation. Working with sound healing, water, colour, astrology and the power of spoken words, you’ll deliver incredible treatments to your clients that they’ll want to experience over and over.

Neural medicine

Understanding the natural movement patterns that focus on the heart and nerve trees and the fascial connectivity network, you’ll be able to see the whole story of each of your clients. You’ll use your knowledge to bring about true alignment in healthy, mobile and pain-free bodies

Online accelerator

I will teach you how to deliver ALL the treatments online. You’ll also get access to my 6-week Wellness Success System to help you with the business side of running an online business. This accelerator will take you through everything from marketing and finding ideal clients to promoting yourself on social media.

Month by month this looks like…

Here’s your Soma Health syllabus – full of juicy knowledge and techniques:

Month 1

  • Bowen Technique techniques to reset, realign, repair the structures of the body and rest the nervous system
  • Fascia and peri-fascia layer
  • The art of listening – client narrative and energetic observing
  • Whole body connectivity
  • Mindful touch
  • Quantum energetix
  • Therapeutic pause
  • Bowen Technique – Base protocol 1, 2 and 3
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Heart tree anatomy
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Moonology

Month 2

  • The sacred heart and elements with pulse diagnosis
  • Sacrum release (prone and standing positions)
  • Treatment – knees and seats of understanding
  • The fascial continuity of the Hamstrings procedure
  • Spinal ladder
  • Frequency, vibration, resonation-medical grade tools for pain and Central nervous system
  • Healing mantras
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork

Month 3

  • Implementing online treatments
  • Guiding clients for self treatment
  • Student demonstrations & feedback
  • Healing incantations
  • Self-care massage
  • Thai Yoga self-care stretches
  • Knee treatment (Bowen Technique)
  • Perifascia and lymph techniques with Bowen Technique
  • The Dermatomes and fascia with light touch activation
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Neural movement medicine

Month 4

  • The Diaphragm, Heart, Lungs – anxiety, breathing, digestion
  • Perifascia and lymph techniques (Bowen Technique)
  • The Dermatomes and fascia (Bowen Technique)
  • Baby colic/reflux protocol
  • Bedwetting protocol
  • Activation of the Heart-Mind (Bowen Technique)
  • Hormone protocol Bowen Technique
  • Headache treatment
  • Sen Tap – vibrational tool to gently work on myofascial channels
  • Meditation and breathwork

Month 5

  • Coccyx and hormone balancer Bowen Technique
  • Lymphatic Bowen Technique
  • Sensing and refining depth of pressure

Month 6

  • Managing client rooms
  • Colic in newborn and young children
  • Self-massage (Thai Yoga)
  • Assessment of joints
  • Vagus nerve anatomy
  • Hayfever Protocol
  • Closing ceremony

“Natasha’s focus on self care and her placing of it at the root of everything we do is transformative for how we ‘do’ our businesses and ‘be’ ourselves. It brings spaciousness and kindness, not just into our work but into our lives. This offers peace and groundedness in the present, and a steady mind when planning for what looks to be a volatile future that we now move towards with an array of nourishing tools with which to support everyone around us.”

Sacred Health Advanced Certification

What you receive:

6-month Soma Health online programme

Soma Health Advanced Practitioner Certification

17 live, full-day, video teaching sessions (10am-3pm)

Pre-recorded 360° video tutorials to support additional learning

Accompanying workbooks
Continuous assessment of video and written homework

days of in-person training to achieve accredited practitioner status (delivered towards the end of the programme)

Facebook group for support and community of peer practitioners

Bundle of sacred healing tools

Soma Bonuses

Full access to Wellness Success System 6 week business course

Kitchen Medicine Book with 30 years of natural health tips curated by Natasha
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space meditations
Heart Connection meditation
Self Love meditation

The belief and sacred magic codes

Want to go deeper?

Upgrade to VIP

Receive all of the above PLUS:

6 months’ private Voxer support with Natasha (Voxer is a walkie-talkie app giving you direct access to Natasha whenever a question comes up)

3 x Spirit medicine & Light touch activation sessions with Natasha (to be taken within 6 months)

Healing session with and introduction to Natasha’s personal healer

Still got questions?… I’ve got answers

How long do I get access to the course materials?

You’ll have access to everything for 6 months after the programme has finished.

What happens if I can't make the live trainings?

Everything is recorded, so if you miss the occasional training you can catch up, but I really recommend you attend live. What you put in is what you get back. And you’ll need to achieve an 80% attendance to get certification

What are the entry requirements?

You’ll need a knowledge of anatomy and physiology and at least Level 3 in one of the bodywork modalities to be eligible. 

What's the time commitment like?

We have 16 online sessions and 4 days in person. 

What do I need to prepare?

There will be an orientation week before class starts.

Any other questions?

Drop me a line here and I’ll be happy to answer them.