Supercharge your Yoga business with this one skill

by | Oct 31, 2019

If you are a yoga teacher I imagine you take your role seriously as a movement educator.

Yoga is much more than a job for you, it is your passion and makes you very happy. It has helped you enormously in many areas of your life and this is why you want to do what you do, so you can help others.

You get to know your students well, because you may offer them 1:1 with you or perhaps you are building quite a reputation in your area for your amazing classes.

Often you will be searching for other ways to enhance what you already do because it really matters that you are a well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher. You want to be the best and it lights you up when you get amazing feedback from those who you teach.

You want more of this and you really are passionate about helping people.

You observe how people move and you really want the skills to help them get into postures more easily, or be more fluid in their body.

However, you are a bit nervous to put your hands on and adjust them.

You really want to add a bit of massage into your classes, especially when its 1:1 clients BUT you don’t know how.

You want to learn something new which has similarities to yoga, which is therapeutic and also more hands-on. You have seen and heard about Thai Yoga Massage and are intrigued. You can see that there is stretching involved and that it looks amazing. You think it could be a good fit for you.

Because everything you are thinking is right. Not only this but you can have a huge impact increasing your income with this skill so you can lead the life you have desired, doing what you LOVE.

It’s a win-win.

This is where I come in, I can help you change your student’s lives even further by increasing your observational skills, you will be looking at your students in a whole new way.

Add to this the hands-on massage skills you will use and that heal with the power of touch, and create transformation. You will be in high demand.

It is my biggest passion to teach people like you so let’s talk about the magic you’ll learn on my courses.

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