In this weeks podcast listen to this fascinating conversation with a fellow Thai massage trainer &  yoga teacher Drew Hume. Drew has a retreat space in Costa Rica (you’ll hear the sound of the rain and tropical birds in the background), he keeps bees,  is an anatomy geek, with a degree in human biology.

In this insightful conversation we discuss Thai Massage for touch aversion, trauma and social anxiety.

We ask the questions:

Are we now living in a society that is widely touch averse?  What can we do as manual therapists ?

As a practitioner offering touch are you aware of past traumas held in your clients body?

How might this might show up?

Have you come across resistance to touch?

Understanding these vulnerabilities we can pull out the tools to honour this space for clients and help them – it starts with awareness and education.

As practitioners we have a unique opportunity so how do we build bridges for the touch averse or people with social anxiety?

Listen & Discover:

Two experienced teachers talking about their passions for the wellness industry (and acknowledging the shadow side of it)

Is it possible to ditch feeling competitive and embrace collaboration instead?

Like many wellness practitioners there is a gut instinct that directs the path towards healing and training and we talk about how this has been a powerful guiding force

Settle in and enjoy the conversation which includes talk about massage, anatomy, indigenous medicine and retreats.

The next Thai Massage Foundation Diploma starts in March. You can find more details about how to train with Natasha here

About Drew:
Drew is a Thai Massage practitioner and teacher and is the founder of Navina  in Costa Rica, He runs retreats and trainings from this space and is an avid lover of bees.

Instagram: Drew Hume and Bees First

About Natasha:
Natasha de Grunwald is a subconscious transformation coach, a mentor, a teacher, trainer, breathwork facilitator and a Mum to a 19 year old daughter. She has been teaching and training and holding space for people in the wellness industry for over 30 years.

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