My Journey to becoming a Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork Practitioner by Sarb Donin

by | Apr 13, 2018

A case study from the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage, a student’s perspective

Sarb trained with us here at the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage obtaining her Thai Yoga Massage diploma and has since built up her successful practice.

After my first child was born and my maternity year was over, I was eager to get back to ‘work’ and have my independence again. I had left my office job in the city and like most new mums or dads I was looking for work which would fit around my new life and family.

I’ve always enjoyed giving a massage even though I had no idea what I was doing. One evening whilst I was giving an improvised massage to my husband he fell asleep and at that point I had my light-bulb moment, maybe I should explore this further and look into a massage course. This was the very beginning of my journey…

A few days later, as if by chance I saw an advert in a local magazine promoting London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage with Natasha De Grunwald. After reading Natasha’s article I was very intrigued, as I had never had a Thai yoga massage I called and booked a treatment. Before the treatment I had done an intense workout and my body was aching all over. Natasha gave me a two-hour full body treatment which was more intense than I had anticipated for a massage. I remember bombarding Natasha with questions during the treatment and for ages afterwards. I had really enjoyed the experience and excited with what I had heard, I was so keen to find out if this was the course for me.

The icing on the cake was the next morning, I slept incredibly well, my legs felt loose and my all my gym soreness had gone I FELT AMAZING!!! I remember thinking at the time ‘I could run a marathon right now!’. This was the deciding factor for me, I knew I wanted to do this course as I had witnessed the benefits of the treatment first hand. And so, I enrolled.

The Thai Yoga Massage diploma course structure was easy to follow and the manual was documented very clearly with precise photos demonstrating each stretch in great detail. But at first performing the moves was quite daunting, practising on friends and family, fitting it in around life and a baby. However, I was determined to make it work and started practising on anyone I could! My poor husband was my victim most evenings, but this soon changed and soon people started asking me to practise on them. A friend with a rugby injury, a neighbour who was a tradesman and had a bad back, even my poor mum needed a treatment!

I then qualified as a Thai Yoga Practitioner and started giving a few more treatments. But then I fell pregnant with my second child so family life took over again, and my new career was put on hold. I knew I had to continue giving treatments to ensure I didn’t forget what I had learnt. Luckily, I kept a few clients for monthly treatments and thanks to them and my injury prone husband, I was able to continue my journey in Thai massage.

6 years later it was the best decision I made. Now I treat clients in my home studio daily and absolutely love it. For me the most fulfilling part is the amazing feedback and gratitude and how I have provided pain relief for clients. Never more poignant than when a client asked me to treat her sick relative, a cancer patient in hospital, the lady could barely talk and yet smiled and held my hand so softly after the treatment I gave her during her last few months.

Thai Yoga Massage diplomaI have continued to be a student of Natasha’s and have completed a number of courses now. I have learnt so much! One thing I do take away from her is the love and compassion she shows and support she gives her students and the knowledge she generously shares. I have become a confident, passionate and determined therapist making it my mission to help people feel mobile and pain free.

Natasha is meticulous with her attention to detail but yet keeps the courses easy to follow. Her guidance and support is continual and is available throughout the course and beyond – even now Natasha is still there at the end of call for me if I have a particularly extreme case with a client or need guidance.

A Thai Yoga massage is a treatment – it isn’t just simply a massage but a therapeutic session. It can have significant benefits to your mental health as much as the physical. I believe it is everything you need from a treatment and more.

Lastly, I believe massage is not a luxury it’s an important part of your well-being which helps you to function in your optimum state.

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