The Body and Seasonal Changes

by | Nov 22, 2023


It ebbs and flows with the cycles of nature, matching the rhythm of Mother Earth.

We can embrace all the changes and work with these or spend our lives fighting a losing battle, with no connection to the elements and cycles, and in the process rejecting the anatomy and physiology of us.

Your bones and the structure of your whole body is Earth element – just like in nature it is stable and solid

Your flesh and all the fluids in your body are Water element and at certain times of year you may find you have more flesh, just like the rivers swell, this is natural and essential.


Fire literally transforms landscapes and the flora and fauna, in the same way this element within us will create internal and external transformation, regulate temperature, ripening our bodies over time, giving us drive and passion and incredible energy.

Wind moves, it moves through our bodies as the breath, sensation, and communication.  It has the power to create chaos and calm, it gives us movement and connects us to the world of spirit. Wind blows the trees and seas and is the element that provides growth. Inside our bodies it moves stagnation, gives us sensory experience and creates change.

As we move through the seasons our bodies adapt in its attempt to keep us safe and healthy.  So often we reject these and try to change them rather than embrace them for part of the life cycle of our bodies.

When autumn comes you may hold onto more weight. Your flesh is fleshier than in summer. It has taken me 4 decades to recognise this in my own body, and 5 decades to be grateful rather than self-rejecting. The body is always doing its best and is your friend not enemy.

Your body holds flesh and swells to protect you, to keep you warm in the colder months.  The superficial fascia (fat) layer is like a comfy blanket that covers the body under the skin, and just like in winter you’ll get an extra cover to keep you warm, your body naturally does that for you. This much criticized, but essential layer in the body is rich with chemicals and hormones, vessels and nerves , all working together to keep you safe and in balance and to get you through the darker and colder months alive.

In spring there is a natural quickening as life starts to speed up, your metabolism will do the same, your energy levels will increase and the winds will move throughout your system – clearing and cleansing.  When you are in balance you will naturally want to eat different foods that have more light, rather than dense energy, and you might notice you want to eat a little less. With the increase in life-force your body will want to move more, the stagnation from the winter will leave your body and you will feel lighter, there is a faster frequency moving through you at this time.

In the summer months when fire element is at its peak your body will mirror this with the strong energy of the sun transforming your system. There will be more light absorbed in your body, activating the cells to easily transform nutrients and increase energy.  Fire is a fast element, bright, sharp  and reactive. In your body it will work with this and react well to the increase in movement, the increase of heat and metabolic rate will naturally lighten what you may have held onto in the cooler months and your physical body will shift and change to mirror this.

All of this might be subtle, it may be that your body changes more or less than others. This is because whilst we all have more that connects than separates us we are still unique.  We have different core element constitutions, we have different lived experiences and preferences.

However you are in your body, the seasons will be affecting you, physically, mentally, energetically, functionally.

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