The Body, Breath and Senses – A path to healing 

by | Nov 22, 2023

The body is a library of experiences and holds the KEY to unlock what is happening in the present moment.

Whether you are suffering from emotional stress such as anxiety and overwhelm or physical pain (acute or chronic) or low energy the approach I have developed  (The TOXIC RELEASE METHOD) will be a game changer for your life and health. 

When I work with my clients I use a SOMATIC approach alongside coaching, touch and Breathwork.  

Somatic is using the wisdom of the body to inform perspective, understanding, emotions and beliefs.  By working this way it helps clients shift trauma, know themselves more deeply, release stored emotions so they can move forwards in their lives feeling connected to ALL THEIR PARTS. 

It is this deeply transformative approach that creates huge impact and incredible healing then happens.  

By integrating techniques to treat the WHOLE PERSON, mind, body,soul, energy, function, habits, patterns and by working with them all together in a session or over a period of time the person who is suffering will move through their current difficulties quickly and in a healthy way.

Whilst coaching is about finding solutions and guiding clients towards their goals, to taking aligned action and having better relationships being able to work with the language of the body and the power of the breath will fast track results and have clients making the BIGGEST SHIFTS and transformations

Using the Breath alongside the coaching component will often bring inner child wounds, the mother wound, the father wound to the surface, ready to be acknowledged and released in a powerful and safe way.  Without having to go back into the past (which is often re-traumatising) I use the felt sense of the client’s body and listen to the messages it has to help them find deep inner love for themselves and move into new territories of self acceptance and healing. 

TOUCH – Is a language of  its own. By working with the layers of FASCIA (which are the intricate layers that CONNECT the whole body together and hold a profound wisdom) physical pain is released AND my clients open up from a place of deep inner connection.  By working with the neuro-vascular bundles and spinal nerves I address anxiety, sleep problems, posture, hormones, digestive and respiratory problems and all of the common conditions that cause suffering. 

BREATH – There are many techniques I implement when using the breath with clients.  I’m also excited that general awareness is growing.  It’s starting to be common knowledge that just taking a few breaths can re-balance the nervous system and is an easy resource. 

In sessions with clients I use the breath as a healing and transformational tool, working with it therapeutically and creating incredible impact on energy levels, clarity, health, hormones, vitality, balance, sleep, nervous system regulation and so much more.  The breath is a magical and often overlooked tool, but it is medicine right under your nose

FELT SENSE – By guiding clients to tap into the wisdom of their body, to feel sensation and to be able to describe it with the feelings that are there they access a source of information to help them become aligned, to trust themselves, to resource themselves in times of stress and pressure.   Using the felt sense clients find a wealth of inner wisdom waiting to be tapped into which they have previously had no idea was there.