In this first episode of the Dissected Woman podcast I wanted to bring to talk to you about something that I love, Breathwork. Breathing is so natural to us we don’t even need to think about it. At times though we breath in a particular way whether that is learning to breathe in a certain way for birth or a natural change in breath due to pain.

Come and explore with me the importance of the breath and the benefits of breathwork practice that I take part in regularly and also teach to others.

I want to give you a trigger warning around death for this episode, it’s ok to come back to this episode when you’re ready.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork

If you would like to experience breathwork in either a group breathe or a 1:1 session you can find out more by clicking here.

You can access your free heart connection breathwork experience by clicking here.

About Natasha:
Natasha de Grunwald is a subconscious transformation coach, a mentor, a teacher, trainer, breathwork facilitator and a Mum to a 19 year old daughter. She has been teaching and training and holding space for people in the wellness industry for over 30 years.

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