Transformational tools to help you step into your own version of delightful, empowered living

Here you’ll find courses for healers, therapists, light-workers, practitioners and movement educators, as well as individuals who want to change their life in a magical and joyful way.

What could the experience of your life be like if you were empowered, embodied and evolving in ALL areas of your life – relationships, business, health, wealth, fullfillment, sex, self expression, creativity – I am dedicated to being with you on your journey every step of the way.

Soma Health Advanced Practitioner Certificate

Wellness Success System

Soma Health is open to existing therapists looking to double their impact (and their income!). Learn how to work with bodies online and establish a global practice with this cutting-edge therapy.

Online 6 month programme and live training via Zoom (+ 4 days of in-person training to achieve accredited practitioner status).

Toxic Release Method™ Facilitator Certification

300 Hour Specialist Bodywork Training

The Toxic Release Method is a transformational experience of healing, awakening and health for your clients… and for you! Discover how to help clients let go of toxic relationships, break limiting beliefs, release toxins, facilitate deep transformation on physical, emotional, energetic, functional, soul level.

Online programme and live training via Zoom (+ 3 days of in-person training to achieve accredited practitioner status)

Potent Woman

Wellness Success System

Are you ready to fuel the blazing spirit of your inner goddess, unapologetically, and with unquenchable passion? Step into the searing crucible of “The Potent Woman,” a sizzling nine-month odyssey meticulously crafted for audacious women over 40.

9 month programme with live training and breathwork via Zoom, three 1-1 coaching sessions with Natasha and a one day in-person retreat

1-1 Coaching with Natasha

300 Hour Specialist Bodywork Training

1-1 coaching with Natasha to help you forge a deeper connection with your body and pleasures than ever before.

Together, we’ll rewrite your life’s story, embracing the fullness of your sensuality and power.

Online coaching sessions via Zoom. Coaching is tailored to you as an individual – please get in touch to discuss.

“Sacred Health is transformative. Halfway into the course, I can feel the shift. A change is taking place that is branching out into all aspects of my life. My business is shifting, not just because of the new massage techniques I’ve learned, but because I am learning and growing as a human being. I am finding new confidence to steer my business and my life in exciting directions. I am learning to be the person who owns, runs, and creates a business and life the way I choose.

We are learning beneficial light-touch bodywork, self-help tools and techniques and so much more. We challenge ourselves and Natasha has a dynamic way of encouraging, pushing, and holding us accountable while allowing us to grow into ourselves. There is no playing small in this course. If you join, you will be pushed and pulled and stretched. You will think outside of your previous box. You will grow and find yourself in uncharted and sometimes uncomfortable places and you will also be held in a safe container for experimentation while you unfold.

Is the investment worth it? Yes. Are you ready to invest in yourself? Do it!”

Liz Kris