In this weeks episode I am sharing some thought provoking perspectives about the nervous system.

I ask the question, are you co-regulating in clinic?

I share with you an experiment I did when I was holding a group Breathwork linked to collective anxiety.

I’m also discussing the nervous system from a perspective you may not have considered before and how I work in clinic.

I talk about how intimately linked our nervous systems are, way beyond our physical bodies.

Cause and effect – how is this showing up for you and clients?

I discuss the powerful techniques I use to build rapport, empower clients, differentiate between each others nervous systems.

The awareness in the nervous system from the body and mind and the sensory input they feel.

I talk about descriptive language and how this helps guide a session and the clients physiology.

I also talk about how this impacts them way beyond the treatment room.

If you are showing up in a dysregulated state as a therapist, even if you feel as if you’re in a good place there may be underlying (non-verbal) communication happening in the nerve trees.

And how important it is for us to do the inner work to learn how important this is for your own health and the health of your clients – we want to entangle the roots and branches of our nervous systems.

The disregulated nervous system – what does this look like in clinic?

What is a state of mind and state of BEING and what are the signs we can look out for?

Why are you responding in an emotional way to a clients emotions?

If you are looking for more information about the Toxic Release Method you can find it in the link below: