The perinatal period is often a time when here is a huge emotional and spiritual transition into new unchartered territories of parenthood.

Becoming a holistic professional who can support during this time is a vital role.

Many wellness practitioners are searching for a ‘niche’ where they can bring together passion, healing, skills and techniques, and often their own experiences to help heal.

In this weeks episode of the Dissected Woman Podcast I speak with the amazing Alex Heath – founder of Traumatic Birth Recovery – college of perinatal health – who specialises in teaching healthcare professionals to support parents with their mental health.

Whilst my courses teach people how to work with the physical body at this hugely transitional time we discuss Alex’s approach to mental health, traumatic birth and mindfulness and how this impacts identity, relationships & lifestyle

Alex is a guest teacher on the Sacred Health 4 trimesters & beyond training (LINK) and has a wealth of experience and knowledge, much of which comes from her own journey into parenthood where she was suddenly thrown into looking at her own addictions and anxiety

Inside this weeks episode we dive into:

  • How good parenting begins with robust, resilient mental and emotional health – how we can achieve this with the right support from holistic professionals
  • The real impact pregnancy and birth are having on families
  • How our birth stories which are often traumatic are sustaining suffering longterm
  • Societies expectations on parents during this profoundly transitional time
  • Supporting the journey beyond birth – a whole body approach (mind body, spirit)
  • Perinatal mental health – what are the signs to look out for
  • Support, education and traumatic birth recovery, pregnancy and loss

About Alex:
Alex Heath, is the Head of TBR College an organisation the specialises in perinatal emotional health education. She is also the author of the book: Recovering from a traumatic birth; a practical guide.She is also a parent, Clinical Hypnotherapist and still occasionally, a birth doula. Since 2016 she has been training HCPs, birth professionals and pre & postnatal specialists in the therapeutic skills and techniques that can provide a brief intervention to parents struggling to cope after a traumatic perinatal event.Her mission is to put perinatal mental health on the map. For society to realise that good parenting begins with robust, resilient mental and emotional health.Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are not merely physical events to be endured but a spiritual and emotional transition into a new territory. Far too many parents survive the journey when in fact they could be thriving.TBR College has over 500 students and practitioners who are all committed to supporting parents emotional and mental health at this important life stage.