In the Art of Alchemy podcast this week I am talking about and sharing from a really vulnerable and real place with you as I talk about the wobbles and how it feels when things don’t go to plan.

I share what happened to my mindset, my day of tears, my fears and doubts – and then what I did to help myself out of the funk I was in.

I share about launching a new project and it feeling like everything was conspiring against me to find that I was in a process.

I also share 4 tips that shifted everything for me:

  •  why support and community is everything
  • what being brave looks like
  • why it is helpful to be deeply connected to your passion, vision and mission
  • what it looks like to stay in your own lane and why this is a game changer

Please share with anyone you know who needs to hear this and when you do please know I am deeply grateful for your doing this.

Come over to natasha.degrunwald on instagram and say HI – let me know how this episode landed for you.

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