How to work smart, not hard; the use of Thai herbal compress

by | Sep 17, 2019

One of my massive passions is helping practitioners work smart, not hard.

I know from my 30 years of experience in the bodywork and complimentary health field that it is more than possible to give effective treatments without straining your own body and burning out.

One of the best tools is to learn how to make and apply a Thai herbal compress as they can be used in any and every treatment. They might seem at first like they are a ‘spa type’ treatment but nothing could be further from the truth. These bundles of steam heated herbs have HUGE therapeutic values and are good for both recipient and practitioner.

I get really excited talking about, teaching and using Thai herbal compresses because they have to be the best tool a therapist can have available to them in their toolbox. They become an extension of the practitioner’s hands, literally.

The two day workshop I teach covers a lot of ground, participants learn about the medicinal properties of the herbs, I teach two specific formulas, provide some Thai herbs that are very hard to get in the west and we sit together pounding, smelling, feeling, tasting the herbs until finally they are ready for wrapping in cloth and steam heating.

Then the magic starts because I teach how to use them and everyone gets to feel how therapeutic they are, easy to use and just what a difference they make.

The herbs have so many healing properties and when made into traditional formulas they become very targeted for penetrating into different layers of the body. For example, we can make a formula that helps with joint pain, or that is specific for improving circulation, respiratory conditions or bound up muscles, to name a few. Using them, the therapist finds that the heat of the herbs opens up their clients body, the herbs are absorbed into the skin and, being absorbed rapidly, they do the deep work into the fascia, muscle and even to the viscera, with hardly any physical effort from the practitioner.

The experience for the recipient is that they have these wonderful heat pads pressed onto their body, the heat is very soothing but the pressure of them, which is often deep, really targets specific areas, pain points, trigger points giving a real feeling of the therapeutic work.

The practitioner can use them as self-care between clients and also benefits from the properties of the herbs in the steam filled room they are working in.

Come and learn! Find out more about the Thai Herbal Compress training here.