During these sessions we work towards your physical, emotional and functional health, working with the Breath, Therapeutic Touch, Coaching and other natural supportive practices to boost your physical, emotional and mental heath.

My approach acknowledges that everything is connected and contributing to how you are feeling, how your body-mind is restricting you.  I meet you where you are at each time I see you and create a bespoke treatment plan for you to get the maximum benefit, no one session will be the same. 

Herbal Compress Workshop
Together we work towards meeting your specific goals:

Improve your Breath (so every system in your body restores health)

Heal from chronic and acute pain
Recover from injury and surgery

Healing trauma (physical and emotional)

Improve performance
Restore vitality, improve function and balance your nervous system
Increase energy
Improve posture, mobility and function
Gain clarity and focus for the future and make clear choices 
Improve confidence and creativity 
Reduce anxiety, overwhelm and stress. Learn how to listen and connect to your bodies wisdom
Release shame and childhood trauma to make empowered choices in your life now 
Reconnect to eros energy, sensuality and pleasure 
Inner child and shadow work to fully embrace & understand all parts of you 
1 hour in-person £150

2 hours in-person £270

Online & in-person packages
There is a minimum of 48 hours cancellation policy. You must advise of any changes 48 hours before the session or you will be charged the full amount. 
Payment confirms the booking.