What is Ya Dom sniff medicine?

by | Jul 4, 2017

Ya Dom is a gorgeous natural medicine widely used in Thailand to help clear a blocked nose, calm the nervous system and reduce the symptoms associated with sickness and dizziness. Ya Dom is also very energising, so its great for those times of day when you might have mental slump! We find many Yoga and Pilates teachers purchase big jars of it for their classes as it can help with balance, focus and clarity of mind. Everyone else buys their own little pocket sized ones to use throughout each day.

As is common with Thai medicine, Ya Dom smell divine! There are a whole recipe of herbs and spices that give it its healing medicinal properties, and it is completely natural, made by Natasha de Grunwald.

Come and try this at the Om Yoga Show in October where we will be on stand J8. Get there early to buy your own supply!