In this podcast episode of “The Art of Alchemy,” I am talking about a highly unusual experience I had, a meditation about death. But, as you will hear this was no ordinary meditation but one curated by an artists and pathologist.

I discuss the significance of having new and mind-altering experiences to broaden one’s perspective. This unique experience I had was part of the  research for my book “Thai Massage Dissected,” and described in detail what would happen to the body after death.

I emphasize the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and trying new things to expand one’s understanding of the world and oneself. The episode ends with me inviting listeners to join my upcoming online event for new experiences and expansion, called E X P A N S I V E  A F.

The meditation art experience was a piece called Afterlife, it is by two artists French & Mottershead (Rebecca French & Andrew Mottershead).