Yoni Steaming – reasons why as a woman this is for you

by | Sep 6, 2018

For the past year I have been introduced to people at parties and at work as

‘this is Natasha. She does vaginal steaming’.

I have to say it is sometimes a conversation starter and at other times people visibly gasp and are a little speechless. Either way it does pique interest from everybody, those with and without vaginas. Women especially are always very keen to have one.

Gwenyth Paltrow seems to have done a lot for raising awareness about ‘V Steams’ but I’m not sure she (or the press) has portrayed them in the best light. Any articles I have found about it seem to be negative and misrepresent the treatment.

I am going to refer to the ‘V steam’ as ‘Yoni Steam’ as Yoni is a Sanskrit and Pali word for ‘sacred space’ and ‘female genitals’.

Yoni Steaming is a common, traditional practice in many cultures. Women of all ages, from teens to post-menopausal and post childbirth participate in this treatment when needed. It could be regular monthly self-care until the symptoms have cleared.

The version I practice in my clinic, with fantastic results is from the Thai Medicine perspective using Thai herbs that are effective and smell amazing.

It is a treatment, used when needed. As it turns out a vast majority of women need and want a Yoni steam because it is very common to have menstrual pain, bloating, irregular or absent cycles, blood clots and old blood, heavy flow and much more. These symptoms are often experienced monthly and can really get a woman down.

Yoni steaming with medicinal herbs carefully selected for cleansing, toning, purifying and relaxing are used alongside steam. The combination of these two things opens up the pores in the skin so that the herbal steam blend can be absorbed into the whole body.

I have been offering these treatments to women in my clinic for the past year having researched them in Thailand with village midwifes and every woman who has had the treatment (which I mostly combine with a belly massage) has found them to be deeply therapeutic and effective.

I look forward to offering these treatments to you